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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

41 Ready to Give UP! Miracles do Happen!

After TTC for close to 3 years, meeting with the fertility Dr. at 1.5 years- having 2 failed IUI's, multiple rounds of Femera, Clomid and Maca. We felt like every door was slamming on us and where it appeared that only IVF could be our chance, but with no more savings (IVF costs approx $15K in Canada) this dream of having a child of our own was slowly fading and we decided to stop all fertility treatments in Sept of 2015. To be honest I was just done, and wanted to get off the emotional roller-coaster ride called infertility. . All that said, I hadn't given up hope (its hard to when your period still comes every month)- but I knew my only chance of success meant I needed to focus on my physical, mental and spiritual health and wellness in order to go through every months let down. I am extremely overweight, but in good fertile health where apparently I didn't have any recognizable reason for my infertility and my husband is in extremely good health and shape as are his sperm. We are both lead by a higher power and our Heavenly Father has been our constant strength and guide through this process even when I was mad, hurt and confused by His will not to give us this opportunity to be parents. I have come to the conclusion through this process that, timing and God's will is a very important piece in the infertility puzzle, even though we think we can control the outcomes- we truly need to be willing to be patient. Additionally, it is so important for us as women to get to know our bodies, recognizing ovulation signs and what our body needs to build healthy eggs and for men healthy sperm. So here is what happened....finally.... I received a call from a friend who had also been struggling to conceive her second child on December 13th, 2015. She had visited a natropath who told her that in order to build healthy eggs both the mother and father must ensure that they are not experiencing sugar highs and lows, they refrain from dairy products, because they interfere with their hormones, moderate their gluten/wheat intake, start taking digestive enzymes and eat lots of raspberries! So December 14th both my husband and I went off all processed sugar, we still had fruit and didn't worry to much about a little sugar in cooking when we ate out, but we refrained from desserts and anything that would spike our sugar. I eliminated dairy from my diet- and I love cheese so this was almost harder than the sugar, for 10 days went off all wheat and then started taking digestive enzymes and enjoying fresh Costco raspberries. If you are interested in a book that helped me with this process it is Dr. Mark Hyman's book The Blood Sugar Solution 10- day Detox Diet. The results: Besides feeling so much better and having the weight falling off, literally my next period was Jan 2, 2016 and I conceived January 21-23, we found out Feb 14th (Best Valentine's day ever) and we are now 16 weeks pregnant with our little miracle baby growing within me. What made me finally test....Note I have long period cycles generally 41 days. You'll see aside from very sore breasts- every thing made me think I was getting my period, the symptoms as very similar. CD40- Major Diarrhea- had to leave the restaurant early- I thought I was getting my period. CD 41- Sharp pains in my right breast more than left. Still had unhappy bowels- must be getting my period. CD-42- Now I am constipated- what is going on I should have got my period. CD-43- Breasts hurt after they are touched like a residual hurt. Still no period- how could these symptoms be the same. CD-43- I finally tested and after testing so many times and never seeing a positive, I told my husband I was going to test the next morning and he begged me not too, he just didn't want to see me cry again. I tested at 5 am with my FMU and it was POSITIVE++++ in fact the pregnancy line was darker than the test line. I sat in the bathroom starring at the stick and seriously couldn't hold back the tears. So of course when I went in to the bedroom to share the news with my sleeping husband and I was crying his first response was to give me a hug and tell me everything was going to be OK, and I was trying to get out "No- I am- no I am....pregnant". He was over the moon, we both were. Because I was still on the blood registrar for being able to order HCG tests, I went in the next day for my HCG blood work and sure enough it came back at 5111! That's when we got really excited! I tested again 2 days later and it was 12,798- then 19,879- so we were advancing normally. We visited our fertility Dr. the following week and he gave me an internal ultrasound and were able to see a little seed- with a heart beating. Ladies, what I am hoping to impart to you is hope. Hope, that there is a plan for each of us, Hope that when its meant to be it will be, and Hope that if it is not, we are strong women who can handle to loads we are to bear and we will be blessed to be Mother's in one way or the other. I wish, that my journey helps even one of you struggling to conceive and that we can get healthy, fit and strong together. I am still extremely overweight and doing my best to be healthy for my little miracle and I believe that he/or she (yes just one) is motivating me to make better choices so I can be a great Mom and live a long happy and healthy life. I asked to see a dietician as soon as I met with my OB and was referred to a wonderful woman who said "we should all be striving to be healthy at any size- don't focus on your size, focus on your health." I asked if I could learn how to monitor my sugars to ensure I don't get gestational diabetes and she equipped me with a blood glucose monitor and so far I am right on target in the safe zone for pregnancy. I will be watching here if you have any questions, and I will provide my email to anyone interested in conversing more off line.
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Congratulations on your BFP, I hope you have a happy and healthy pregnancy :) I just wanted to thank you for your post, it gave me hope. We have been ttc for 3.5 years and definitely been on an emotional roller coaster of highs and lots of lows. This past January after multiple failed iui's we decided to get out of our own way and let god take control. I've deepened my yoga practice, started meditating regularly and am currently on day 23 of the Whole30 (which is basically what you did, no dairy, sugar, grains, alcohol & soy) I feel amazing and the most peaceful I've felt in years. I'm hopeful that being a mama is in my near future, and reading your post reassured me that I'm on the right path. Again Thank you for sharing Xoxo

Thank you SOOO much for sharing your described the emotions and  what I have been going through for the last stressful, emotional, and painful 17 months to the "T"! I am so much more optimistic having read this and I appreciate with all my heart all the detailed tips you received that made all the difference for you and your hubby! I will be implementing what you suggested asap!! You are such a beautiful couple and am so excited to know you got your BFP! 

It is a pleasure!!  I am so happy my experience has given you hope, I honestly wasn't sure this would be an experience I would have in this life time.  Today my husband and I are celebrating our 3rd anniversary, and I can't tell you how blessed we feel to have not only found each other, but have the opportunity to carry this little child growing within me.  Life is a journey for sure, and patience is a virtue and I am starting to learn why.  May you each receive the blessing of all that comes with a BFP!!  Your welcome to keep in touch with me at

I am 42 waiting to test my bloods this weekend 25 June. I read your story and just as I was feeling really low about things I feel so relieved. I have been pregnant naturally before at aged 40 after just 6 months of trying - but it only lasted 8 weeks. But I guess the take away here is we ladies over 40 can get pregnant unlike the unflattering suggestions of doctors who say we are passed ıt at 40- I hate those narrow minded ones just trying to push you to the IVF sales dept when you are at your lowest. For the first time this month DH went for IUI. My first pregnancy I had no idea I was until my mother convinced me to test. I am from London where the primary care doctors dont even send you for bloods just tell you to test at home with pee stick - I have never been able to get my head round this- ıts ridiculous. This time round I am feeling no significant symptoms apart from slightly sore boobs, had a pinching feeling in right side abdomen 7do for a couple of days. Have had a few very low days  - odd for me even DH noticed. I have been getting a very weird symptom - like a tingling sensation across my belly over the last few days. Hungry beyond belief, annoying vivıvd dreams.  But I havent noticed sıgnificant breast increase or nausea maybe its pre AF symptoms. Lets see .. Oh well I will keep the forum posted . Please do pray and keep fingers crossed - any good vibes are most welcome.    Congrats to you btw :)

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