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Seeing lines

Hi everyone, so decided to do a hpt this morning as I might be 10dpo and af is due this coming wknd so potentially only 5 days away. Anyway it was Def a bfn but I swear a can see a vvvv faint positive line on the cb test but nothing on the cheapie dip stick. I know theres nothing to do but wait and test again in a day or two but it's so exciting and don't want to tell dh until its a Definite bfp or bfn. Pretty sure that I've gone line crazy like most women TTC seem to lol why can we not just give ourselves 6 weeks and if no af then do a dd was a surprise so although a missed period for me was alarming I chalked it up to stress then as I started falling asleep on the sofa at 5.30 me and dh decided to take a test to rule out pg and low and behold immediate and incredibly strong bfp. but like i said, I was around 6 weeks just didn't know it at the time! Fast forward 5 1/2 yrs and here I am squinting at tests trying to see lines lol good luck to you all and thanks for reading xx


Turns out I'm not crazy. Got bfp this morning and dh saw it too :D xx