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2ww buddies!!!

Hey lovely ladies!! I am trying really hard to hold off testing til next Wednesday but I doubt i’ll be able to hold off. And need some similar minded people! Currently 6dpo. I had a positive CB ovulation test with some BDing thrown in (of course) and now hoping and praying that we are lucky this month. I miscarried in June at 6w4d which was absolutely horrendous. Can’t belive how hard I took it. Not many symptoms to be honest tho - which is a little disheartening although have some pinching pains on RHS, implantation? Super tired and quite emotional (same as last time) I know my body is probably playing tricks on me!!!!! When are you all planning on testing?? Sending us everyone hundreds of baby dust <3


Hey there! We are only a day off. I am 7dpo and trying to hold off until monday at the earliest. My cycle has been longer lately (31 days ish) and I miscarried in July at 8w3d. It was my first BFP in 18 months so we have been trying to take it as a positive but that is sooo hard. Baby dust buddy, stay strong!

Hi! You both a just a few days ahead of me. I am 4 dpo. Have a 15 year old and twin 4 year old boys from previous relationship. My hubby and i are trying, he just turned 42 today abd really wants a baby of his own. He is such an amazing father to my other 3 and am so excited to try to do this for him. Been having lots of symptoms but trying not to read to much into them. So hard to do, lol. We are only going to try for a year as he doesnt want to care fir a baby in his mid to late 40s. Im glad to know there are others who are suffering from this painful dreaded 2 weeks of waiting. Good luck to both of you.

Starting my TWW today. Sending baby dust to all of you! Last month I drove myself to the brink of insanity with symptom spotting and over testing! Only to be disappointed...I’ll post my TWW symptoms at some point. They’re spot on. Lol. Suffered a suspected chemical pregnancy in Oct. And freaking because I’m 37... but we will all get through this TWW. If you’re a little “woo-woo”, I highly recommend listening to Abraham Hicks on YouTube. There are many talks about wanting baby and fertility. Hugs to you all!!

How’s everyone doing??

So this happened a half a line on a frer but BFN's since! Going nuts! Have all the symptoms! You can check out my blog for pics under FRER Frustrations. How is everyonr else? I am ondpo 10. Few more days to go for the real tell tale sign!

Hi ladies, i think i have read every blog I could find before deciding maybe it may help to just write to help the time move along faster. I am 8dpo and i swear i dont know how to act. Had my first IUI with the help of Femara last week....i feel normal there just seems to be a nagging dull ache by my left ovary, with little twinges from time to time. i had a myomectomy in 2014 and removed 12 fibroids, since then i have done HSG, a fertiloscopy, three months of clomid and now what feels like about four months of Femara, i am 34 and never been pregnant. I swear I feel l like everywhere around me everyone else is pregnant, everyone except while i know i only have to wait two weeks for the results i feel like i have been waiting for years. Baby dust to everyone waiting, hoping and praying

This is my 2nd IUI, i'm currently 12 days post trigger shot and 10 days post IUI. We used letrozole and I had two follicles (17mm and 24mm) when we triggered. I must confess that when we started ttc I didn't realize what an emotional roller coaster this would be. We have been trying since January with no luck, i'm 37 and my husband is 46. I have a 20 year old daughter from a previous relationship which was not planned and have never been pregnant since so this whole trying and waiting is all new to us and man is it frustrating. I go in to the clinic in 2 days for testing and I'm feeling very nervous, the negative results last month was very disappointing to hear. Wishing you all luck.

Hey fellow ladies, I am on the next cycle as AF reared her ugly face today...I have started to chart BBT, I have been taking prenatals for the past few weeks and just started DH on Maca. Any recommendations on OPK's? Really don't want to miss my chance. DH and I are only trying for a year as this will be the last and final baby for us.

Manajean- sorry the witch showed up!! I used the iproven opk kit off amazon. But honestly, I felt like it was the same as the others I have used in the past. I still struggle with actually reading the results. So i tested 2x/day at 10am and 4pm to watch the progression. I think I caught it this month. I am only 9dpo today so, we will see if it helped?!?

Also- I never did basal temps. But have friends who liked this method. My one friend even bought a microscope to look at her saliva ?! We will do anything to grow babies ❤️