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Pregnant at 45 with no fertility help, will be 46

I have been a loonnnngtime lurker on this forum, and since I just got my BFF, I thought I should repay the favor by sharing my story also! I’ll be 46 before my due date, so I was not at all optimistic about my chances of getting pregnant this time. We’d only really been trying for a few months. We have 4 kids already, so we would not have gone for fertility help if we didn’t conceive. I know I personally have liked reading of the happy stories from women around my age. Hopefully this will also end up to be a happy story, though I am realistic that miscarriage is very common at my age. I can only try to think positively and enjoy every day of the pregnancy. I really can hardly believe it’s real! We are definitely holding off on telling any family, including our other kids, until after the first trimester. I did have one miscarriage in the past, between two of my other pregnancies. Please send prayers and positive thoughts for me that that doesn’t happen this time! Our youngest is in elementary school, and we had told the kids before now that I am too old to be hoping for any more babies, whenever the idea of wanting a little baby brother or sister came up. I really hope we’ll be able to give them some amazing happy news around March. My cycles have been 26-28 days long, and always with a little light spotting 1-2 days before my period starts. When I didn’t have even a trace of spotting, and it was 28 days after my last cycle started, I wondered if something could be happening! Then that same day, I got up from a nap and had a huge overwhelming rush of nausea and almost dizziness/ lightheadedness. It took a few minutes for this to pass and it was a very extreme miserable feeling. I took that as a definite sign! Since that day, I also now have constantly sore swollen bbs. No more nausea for now. I did have a little heartburn around CD 26 or 27, which I never really get, but at the time, I didn’t feel it could really mean anything. I did take a home pregnancy test to confirm, but I pretty much knew what it would be. It was a very solid “+” sign immediately. Sorry if this post is a little long! I always like to read plenty of detail in other people’s stories though. Hope this post might be helpful to someone out there. You are the only people I’m telling for now! Hope to hear back from some of you! I intend to keep you updated!


Congratulations! That is amazing news! I am hoping for a H and H 9 months for you! I am actually a year older than you, and we are ttc our 3rd child (didn't have to try for first 2). My DH was not on board with the idea for a long time. I begged and pleaded since age 44! He finally agreed last month. I am now one day overdue for AF but got a BFN this morning. I will probably test again tomorrow if the witch doesn't show. I am never late! I think I implanted at 12 dpo so getting a BFP tomorrow woul be 16 dpo. I've been reading a lot about testing times and lots of ladies say they get a positive then so here's hoping. Keep me updated! I hope we can enjoy this journey together as advanced maternal age mommies! Lol!

Thank you for your story! I am 8dpo and reading forums like crazy. So many women are having symptoms and getting bfp's so early. I'm having no symptoms and started to feel like I'm already out for the month. Your story gives me hope that there is still a chance!

Unfortunately it doesn’t look this one was meant to be. Yesterday I started lightly spotting on and off. It wouldn’t have been so worrisome, but all of a sudden I didn’t have the same pregnancy symptoms that I’d had that morning. I felt like my bbs had deflated. This morning, barely any breast tenderness at all any more, and spotting started up again not long after getting up. I spent the day watching movies with the kids to try to take my mind off things a little which helped. Then bleeding started up in earnest in the afternoon. I feel like I am basically getting a period right now that’s heavier than normal. Tomorrow I’ll go get bloodwork done and see the doctor. We just didn’t catch a good egg this time I think! I’m sure my body is doing everything exactly right. I’m guessing the poor little embryo just wasn’t meant to grow any further, so my body is doing what it’s supposed to. I’m trying to baby myself now. I hope all of you have good luck soon! Even if I never get pregnant again, it’s ok, we do have 4 already. We’re sad to have this loss though.

I am both happy you could get pregnant at 46 and saddened that the lil bub didn't make it. Thank you for sharing your story with us. Its given me hope at 41. If you get pregnant again or just want to talk, please come on and share. HUGS

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