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BFP After 2 Years, Just Found Out it is Twins

I promised myself if I ever got a BFP I’d post our story. I’ve read numerous posts on this site and they always gave me a feeling of hope. So here’s our story with as many details as I can remember. Me: 32 years old and diagnosis of anovulation and endometriosis. DH: 38 years old and diagnosis of low sperm count (which is now in the normal range after med changes and surgery) He is Type 1 diabetic and has a host of other medical issues including thyroid issues. All diagnosed in his 30s. Our Story: We’ve been married for 8 years. We were told that conceiving might be difficult since DH had so many medical things come up – and this was before I even knew I had anything wrong. I wasn’t sure if I really wanted kids so we went about living our lives enjoying every moment. Decided to go off the pill to give body a break and see what happens…. 4 years pass by and figure that it isn’t meant to be. Then I got to thinking one day (shortly before I was to leave for a ladies night of fun) that I was probably late. Take a 2 year old test on a whim and sure enough – a BFP!!! I couldn’t believe it, had to buy more tests to be sure. All natural little miracle – and we never expected it! After a very rough pregnancy with preeclampsia and early induction we have a healthy 2 year old 7 month little boy who is the joy of our lives. Right away, after his arrival I knew I wanted more, so we started down our journey for baby #2. We knew it might take a while and we tried for 6 months with no results – was charting and realized after some labs I wasn’t consistently ovulating. Sent husband in for sperm analysis and learned his sperm was really low - less than 3 million. Doctors made some changes with his meds and counts increased and I started Clomid. After 3 months, got a BFP but it ended in miscarriage at 6 weeks. Keep moving forward and completed another 5 months of Clomid and nothing then 1 month of Femera and then we were told to move to IUI. Did 4 IUIs with Folistim 100mg and it worked on our 4th try. Interestingly, we were ready to move to IVF and I was in progress of getting everything lined up. Because of the wait we figured we’d fit in one more IUI. I wasn’t expecting anything – I was so used to disappointments and kind of had it in my head IVF would be our ticket. I had spent quite a bit of time conversing with God over this “journey” and finally told him, “I know this won’t happen until you feel it’s the right time.” I shared our plan with him and asked again for his blessing. 1 more IUI and then IVF and then we’ll be at peace with what happens. Went in for my IUI. So – things I did different for the month of our BFP – exercised like crazy – I do this anyway but was training to run the Tough Mudder with my sister. I was trying like crazy to get rid of the 15lbs I’ve gained from all of this. I honestly made no positive changes (drank more, slept less, pushed myself more physically, ate worse, crazy stress at work, lots of chaos) except for the fact that started some supplements I read about on a natural fertility site my mom sent me. I was coming down with a terrible cold anyway – so I figured some extra vitamins might help. I started these about a week prior to ovulation and here’s what I took: Folic acid 400mcg, Zinc 30mg, Selenium 100mcg, Fish oil 1000mg, Vitamin B6 up to 50mg, Vitamin B12 up to 50mcg, Vitamin E 200mg, Vitamin C 1000mg, Manganese 5mg. I was taking a prenatal vitamin anyway as well as Fish Oil but the others were new. Here’s the interesting thing. I normally had 1-2 follicles each cycle on Folistim but when I went in I had 5 follicles that were developing strong. I was so surprised! In order to not cancel the cycle they triggered me a day early to bring the number of viable follicles down to 3. I’ve know my body so well after all of this I always know I’m not pregnant at least a week before I get my period. I have extremely rough cycles and terrible PMS symptoms that typically start about 7 dpo. I’m usually lining up the next month of treatment well in advance because I just know no luck and I feel miserable until I get my period. So here’s what was different this month: Day of IUI: Super crampy – much worse than other cycles. Figured it was because I had that extra egg. I prayed I’d feel better in the morning and went to bed early. Day 1 post IUI: Woke up feeling good Day 2 post IUI: No symptoms that were unusual (sore boobs and tired but that was normal) Day 3 post IUI: No symptoms that were unusual (sore boobs and tired but that was normal) Day 4 post IUI: No symptoms that were unusual (sore boobs and tired but that was normal) Day 5 post IUI: Super nauseous more than usual (something I always get with my PMS), and very crampy – just like PMS cramps but at least 4 days earlier than they always kick in. I thought maybe my body was off since they triggered me early but felt miserable most of the day. Day 6 post IUI: Again super nauseous, tired, and crampy. All like period is coming - but weird my symptoms were earlier than normal. Also felt really warm. These symptoms are like clockwork about day 9 dpo for me. I just figured my hormones were even more wacked because of the early trigger. Day 7 post IUI: Woke up feeling great! Got on a plane and remember thinking… I think I’m pregnant. Told my sister I thought I was because I was feeling so good. All PMS symptoms gone. Told everyone I’ll know if I continue to feel this good. I’m so used to complete misery every month that no symptoms was very weird. Day 8 post IUI: Called my husband and told him I was pretty sure I was prego. CM changed to look like post ovulation so that made me about 99.9% sure as that is unusual for me. Boobs very sore, but trying not to read into that because that’s a usual symptom for me. Still feeling good – which was my biggest sign. Day 9 post IUI: Ran Tough Mudder and finished! Skipped the electric shock obstacles and it was a good run, challenging, and I felt great! I still figured I was prego because I was still feeling great and my workout are usually rough after ovulation. Didn’t think a test would show up yet. So still hoping… Day 10 post IUI: My sister talks me into picking up a test on the way to the airport. Take test at airport. Faint BFP!!! I take it as a positive!!!! Call DH and still cannot believe it!!! HCG 4 weeks to 2 = 617 (high and a sign of multiples) HCG 4 weeks 5 days = 2660 (YIKES!!!) Ultrasound 6 weeks and 6 days = 2 strong heartbeats!!!!! Praying we have a healthy pregnancy with 2 healthy babies in then end. Wishing all of you your miracle very very soon! It does and will happen!!!! My prayers and thoughts are with you….


Congrats!!! What was DH count on your last IUI procedure?

It is great news. Today i also promise i will post my story the day when i will get positive .

Congratulations and thank you so much for sharing your story. I am so nervous, yesterday was the first day I felt slight nausea, but it continued today. I so desperately want to take an at home test. Other wise no symptoms. I will post my Friday results. Best wishes and Prayers to all.

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