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My Journey(warning: it's long)

My history: Normal cycles even though I have endometriosis, PCOS(unexplained), LEEP procedure in 2007, Cervical Laceration(complication from LEEP) and been TTC for two years. Recent diagnosis: insulin resistant. I'm 34, no kids, YET. 

His history: perfect swimmers and high quality and issues. He's 35, no kids YET.

My protocol: IUI w/ Letrozole (CD-5-9 at 7.5mg) and trigger with Ovidrel on CD 11. CD 11 I had 3 follies, two mature at 18mm, and one at 15mm. IUI was scheduled 12 hours later. 

All went well, up until IUI day...the RE couldn't penetrate my cervix. It was completely tight (thanks in part to the cervical laceration from the LEEP). Dr. tried many different tools, but eventually, the IUI turned into the and ICI (intraCERVICAL) insemination. What was supposed to just be an in-and-out, five minute procedure, turned into a hour of pain, serious cramping, twitching,crying and screaming. Eventually Dr got into my cervix but because I was in serious pain, couldn't go any further so the deposit was just into my cervix.

 Followed the protocol after the ICI and started progesterone 2x daily. The dreaded 2ww ensued. Blood test today, 12/22 and got a BFN. 

Now Dr wants to surgically dilate my cervix...I'm not so sure about that...any of y'all have any experience, or is my case completely unique??

I convinced my DH to do another IUI cycle (this was our first) when my next cycle. I'm thinking I'll do the Robitussin thing too. And I talked to another RE and she suggested I not do the surgical dilation just yet, but do an in office dilation...I like that idea much more, than just jumping the gun and going directly to surgery.

Baby dust to you all. I'm bummed, cried a bit but I'm better. In God's time...that's what my DH says...praying for y'all.







Ouch, that sounds like an uncomfortable procedure. I certainly hope these efforts bring great outcomes for you! 

I read this all and it wasn't that long :), but it's clear you have been through so much.  I'm so sorry, my heart goes out to you. Your DH is so right though it will happen at the time is meant to. I'm a firm believer of that.  And you and your DH are so clearly trying your best and being patient.  That's awesome spirit denise xx I would go with medical advice that you feel is right. And it is good you got a second opinion and even better that your heart agrees with that doctor.  So do what you feel is best for you.  I'm trying robitussin this month too. I had a recent post on here asking advice on how and when to take it and not more than a few days and before ovulation seemed to be the outcome.   Good luck with the next round of iui. Keep us posted xxxxx 

Hi denise...and post not long at all but I love more info. Im just like you complete normal af 28-32 days maybe mild endo but because of my weight and issues getting pregnsnt gyno doesnt feeln its bad enough to out me throgub the hassel of diagnosis,  I do have a small fibroid so she said my symptoms may be that as well. Had leep and cryotheropy in 2005 but all went well never had problem with cervix..and im 29 and never been pregnant that I know of. Luckily your dh swimmers seem super suoer healthy so if they can just get into your cervix I bet youd have your baby. Im sorry the leep complication caused you so much stress and pain!! I wish when women have complications from reproductive procedures like that they could gice you a hefty discount because the damaged cervical was from a procedural complication. Just to take some financylial stress off you. I hope you office dialation goes well. What does it intail. Will they stick that dialation ballon in there to open it so you wont need to do pitocin? Im just curious I havent had the chance to here much about thus procedure.

My post originally much longer, I just edited it so it was a manageable read. The complication with my LEEP was that the material that the stitches were made out of dissolved in my body faster than they were supposed to. So I was rushed to the hospital and wheeled into the OR when the on-call gyno could practically stick his whole hand up me and not find a clot, just more blood gush. A three hour surgery, 2 blood transfusions, and 14 chromix stitches later I was "on the road to recovery."    So when the RE or GYN look inside me they can technically see 'two openings' to my cervix, crazy, I know. So this procedure in office will use that horrible dialation balloon. The hope is that by dilating my cervix it will relax and when I do the IUI this coming month, it won't be so hard to penetrate my cervix....fingers crossed.      Yes, I definitely think I need some financial compensation for all this drama from my fact the DR says in her 20 years, she's never had a complication from a LEEP.... in fact, it's like 1 in 1,000,000, 000, 000!    I've also had fibroids and ovarian cyst, but they dissolved on their own...