Any one else playing the waiting game?

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Any one else playing the waiting game?

Postby Sweettreatmomma » Wed Dec 27, 2017 11:46 am

Ok lovely ladies, I need advice!
I had gotten off the nuva ring a bit over 2 months ago. I needed to see my gyno to do another pap and get prescribed nuva ring again. Well, she was booked up for several months. (This meant I couldn't get my nuva ring.)
My periods (2 so far) came since then and were regular.
My bf and I have been having sex but using the pull out method.
(Yea, I know.)
We weren't trying to get pregnant, at least not yet again because I just had a baby 18 months ago.
So this is where things get complicated.
I was an avid tracker of my period. (Due to being on nuva ring.)
But since I haven't been on the nuva ring, I slacked off on writing down dates. I know for sure that my last period was around the 16th of last month. It lasted til around thanksgiving.
So, this month, I have been moody, and last week there were 2 days I felt nausea hit me. I had actually bent over the toilet thinking I was going to throw up but nothing.
Well, I noticed on the 23rd that I started slightly cramping. I went to the bathroom and wiped and seen a light brown on tp. I told my bf that I started my period. I went put on a pad and went about my day.
I noticed every time I went to the bathroom that I had nothing on the pad. It was only seen when I wiped.
Then it stopped. I started spotting again the 25th. Still a brown color, that turned a light tan. Just spotting and no blood clots or anything. I noticed it has gotten watery and is still that color. It's only when I wipe.
I am confused because my periods are heavy and start off bright red and HURT so effing bad!
I did take 2 preg tests, an hr apart, last Thursday and they both were negative. So i assumed that my period was coming. That's why on the 23 when i seen spotting I thought af was here. But nope.
Oh and I had to tell my bf what was going on. He asked if I was pregnant or not so he could put in more hours at work and start preparing. I told him I'm not sure. So it's a waiting game.
So does this sound like a baby in the oven or AF making a dramatic but late arrival?
I've got 3 kids, 9 & 7 yr old, and an 18 month old. For my 18 month old I just realized I was days late and took a pregnancy test for the heck of it. He was a surprise baby.
So this has me scratching my head and I have a nagging feeling that I am pregnant but at the same time I am like, nope I just had a baby, I'm not ready yet. (Either way I will be ok. I will love and care for the baby if I am pregnant.)
I'm just an emotional mess right now.
My books started hurting yesterday.
And those moody spells got me. I literally washed dishes while crying because I was hungry and there wasnt anything in the house that I wanted to eat. Lol
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Re: Any one else playing the waiting game?

Postby GKR_1985 » Thu Dec 28, 2017 7:48 pm

If the brown was implantation bleeding then you might have tested too early. I had IB with my first pregnancy and it took 2-3 days after to register positive. Test again, let us know!
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