FLUKE + OPK no ovulation?

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FLUKE + OPK no ovulation?

Postby Faithfor2lines » Mon Mar 12, 2018 7:13 pm

Hi ladies,
New here and I was wondering if anyone can help or give me their thoughts. I'll try to be brief.
So whats been going on is that (counting from my last positive OPK) I am 3 days late from AF. Now reason I say 3 is because I had a positive FIRST RESPONSE OPK on Friday the 23rd of February and it was negative by Saturday the 24th evening. TAKE NOTE I DID TAKE SOY ISOFLAVONES THIS CYCLE so ovulation on the 23rd put ovulation on CD21st. I took soy cause I am irregular sometimes going weeks, months without AF but when I do "ovulate" going by positive readings on OPK I always get AF 13 days after first O symptoms. Always after positive OPKS i have tenderness on breast immediately. It starts off slow and picks up on soreness through out the weeks until AF arrives. This time around I DID NOT have any type of breast tenderness after positive FIRST RESPONSE OVULATION TEST. In fact it was about and around 6dpo when I began feeling my armpits swollen and it progressed to feeling the sides of my breast a bit achy then sore and up around my pectoral area but never the nipple or the front of my breast. It would hurt when I moved my arms a lot or raised my arms above my head it felt as I had mini golf balls under my pits and that went on up until 10DPO and that symptom kind of disappeard. What lingered on was the nauseous feelin that started on 7DPO and yesterday I felt so sick I felt like I would throw up any moment. I was holding off to take a test because something told me it wouldn't be positive so honestly the whole nauseous feeling has me worried. WELL i took a test this morning 3 days late with a FRER and both are BFN. I am so confused. Is it possible to get a fake positive ovulation test and not actually ovulate or have anything happen? I mean wouldn't I bleed at least if it didn't help me ovulate? WHY the POSITIVE OPK? I've never used First Response Ovulation Test and I think I never will again. I was so excited I ovulated. Honestly I was ok with not having a BFP this cycle but I was hoping so much SOY ISOFLAVONES would at least helpt me ovulate since I am IRREGULAR.

I don't have PCOS and I've been tested for my hormones and thyroid and everything is fine. I am just so confused and frustrated I have an APPT at my doctors on Thursday 15th this week but till then I am so confused ladies please give me your input?
Are First Response Ovulation test know for false positives? Has anyone had Soy Isoflavones change your symptoms? Why am I still nauseated and feeling tired fatigued and feeling weird with negative FRER?

Help please :(
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Re: FLUKE + OPK no ovulation?

Postby Danaa » Tue Mar 13, 2018 2:01 am

Sometimes our body can gear up to ovulate but not actually ovulate until much later orvat all so yeah is possible to have a positive opk and no ovulation.I don’t like the frer opks,I don’t recommend them.how much soy did you took and what cd?
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Re: FLUKE + OPK no ovulation?

Postby Faithfor2lines » Tue Mar 13, 2018 4:46 pm

Hi Danaa

Well I took Soy Isoflavones from CD 3-7 in this order (120mg, 120gm, 160gm, 160gm, 200gm) Did you have a bad experience with frer opks? I didn't like them at all they confused me so much. ill attach a picture of my ovulation test from when I took them let me know what you see. What I find strange is the symptoms I got 6DPO - 10DPO my armpits felt swollen and my boobs ached from the sides up to the pectoral area and it would ache even more when I lifted my arms up. It felt as I lifted weights for a while - but my nipples and the front of my breast did not hurt like they usually do after O so I thought it was a positive sign. UGH!!!! It slowly went away I now I'm just constantly nauseated and get random headaches. I don't want to worry.

But let me know what you think??
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Re: FLUKE + OPK no ovulation?

Postby RoloCat » Wed Mar 14, 2018 6:10 pm

Yup. Totally possible to have +opk and not actually ovulate. It's actually pretty common, and nothing to be worried about. Happened to me the month of my bfp--had + opks, but didn't ovulate until almost a week later after a second set of +opk, and confirmed by temping. If you are not temping, you might want to look into adding that to your TTC regimen. That will help confirm if/when you ovulate.

As for the opks, a lot of people here use the Wondfo dipstick tests you can get really cheap on Amazon (like, 50 tests for $20). I would take 3/d during my fertile window (1 early am, 1 early pm, and one before bed). The afternoon tests were usually the darkest. And b/c you take more than just one a day, you are more likely to catch the positive surge. I also took an-FRER-type POAS test, and only considered the tests positive when both tests showed positive. Keep taking tests until O is confirmed by 3d of high temps above coverline.

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