Fluid in uterine lining

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Fluid in uterine lining

Postby MaeT » Wed Mar 07, 2018 6:00 pm

Hi everyone -
I've been TTC for over two years. I've had one failed FET and two myomectomies to remove fibroids that were thought to have impeded conception (and were a terror to live with!). For over a year I've had fluid in my uterine lining, which my RE says will prevent implantation. I've consulted with other REs and my RE has tried a few different protocols to get rid of the fluid during FET cycles. These cycles were cancelled due to the fluid. The only explanation I've been given about the fluid is that it's due to inflammation in my body. I'm worried that I"m running out of options because everyone keeps suggesting I use a gestational carrier. I'm not comfortable with that...I don't even know if we can afford it. The last suggestion that my RE has is to try a FET cycle with Clomid. My acupuncturist suggests trying Femara instead.
Has anyone experienced or heard of this type of persistent uterine fluid?
I've seen posts from a member on this board from 2014 that discussed her fluid being the result of her c-section scar. I'm wondering if my fluid could be due to my fibroid surgeries.
Thank you for any thoughts!
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