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Postby tootyoots » Mon Jun 17, 2013 3:51 am

Hi ladies

I'm new to 2ww. Had a CP last month at 4 weeks + 3 days and decided to jump straight back on the wagon if I ovulated as normal following the bleeding, which I did. So i'm now 11 dpo, have been having lots of pg symptoms again so took a test this morning with a frer and ic (not with fmu, didn't have any sticks in the house) and it was bfn. So now i'm feeling completely deflated, like I've willed myself to feel these symptoms as I just want to be pg again. Is there realistically any hope that I may still get my bfp or am I just feeling stronger pms symptoms because of the CP? Would really appreciate your thoughts. I'm just torturing myself endlessly wondering.

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