Hey AF....if you gonna show could you hurry up a little!

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Hey AF....if you gonna show could you hurry up a little!

Postby brennansmom2003 » Thu Nov 21, 2013 7:54 am

So this is my 1st cycle after my MC. I had gotten my BFP on Oct 5th. Started spotting on Oct 26th with full bleeding on Oct 27th. My doctor waited a week to check progress and I ended up having a D & C on Nov 1st. I technically started MC @ 6w3d (blighted ovum).
My doc had no objections to TTC right away, we just had to wait at 2 weeks before we could BD.

Here is my problem:
My temps have been crazy this cycle which I have read that they could be after a MC. I have also been using OPK's and got a positive the 18th (evening), twice on the 19th (morning and evening), the 20th I would have considered a negative (the lines were super close in color but I felt the test line was a tad lighter), and just to double check I tested this morning and got a really dark positive. I am so confused!!!! DH and I have been BD'ing every night since the 16th (except the 17th) so hopefully it won't matter exactly what day ovulation was (or is if it hasn't happened yet), but I really would like to figure my DPO. Plus, with the crazy temps, I can't be positive ovulation happened at all. I did get crampy on the 19th, but now I feel like I may be a little crampy today so who the heck knows what is going on!!!???!!!
I started thinking this morning that I wish AF would just show if we don't get lucky this time so I can hopefully get back to somewhat of a normal cycle and that way I could track it better.
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