please help!? is it possible to be pregnant??

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please help!? is it possible to be pregnant??

Postby desTiny2015 » Sun Aug 23, 2015 4:29 am

so a little about me. in april we found out we were pregnant and very excited as it was my first pregnancy a week after finding out things started getting really bad talk about moodswings lol well a few days later came the vomitig non stop! as i am a very skinny person so losing more weight wasnt good i finally time to get my first ultrasound done and there i was told i had no fetus in my sac so i was pregnant with just a sac? i was like what ?? my horamones were 1oX worst than a normal pregnant person so thats what caused my non stop vomiting and rapid changes to my body as was also told i would naturally miscarry i didnt i ended up be hospitallized and got iv fluids to help me from not passing out from not being able to keep anything down, the next day i had a dNc to remove everything out of my uterus as you can guess i was extremrelly depressed i was in the hospital for 11 days after that to get my weight back and my on gong fever down.

As for my periods they 30 day cycle so i had a normal period starting june and july. july i started on the 8th ended the 11th so when af was suppose to show on aug 7th i didnt panic and waited as nothing happend so a week later i had a really light brown spotting lasted maybe a day i thought id start the next day nope! so 2 days after the spotting i tested neg, so a its now been over a week since testing and im still having lower abdomal pain its been going on since the spotting and i got sick and threw up and felt better thankfully, im so tired but havent been able to sleep and when i do i have really crazy dreams and ive been crying about everything, now sorry tmi but my nipples are a bit darker and ive been consipated for 6 days now the pain gets bad sometimes also and im so scared that i am pregnant i dont thing i can handle something happening again it hurt so much but im not sure im on day 47 no period at all. anyone? help me anything please
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Re: please help!? is it possible to be pregnant??

Postby southernbelle » Sun Aug 23, 2015 11:51 am

Your cycle can get wonky after a miscarriage. Are you temping? It's possible you ovulated later in your cycle. If you keep getting negatives I would recommend scheduling an appt with your ob. He can run a blood test and do an ultrasound to see if you've ovulated.
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