multiple iuis with donor sperm. Support?

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multiple iuis with donor sperm. Support?

Postby chantillylace » Fri Jul 29, 2016 1:47 am

I am new to this forum BUT not new to ttc. We are embarking on our 5th iui. A job loss meant a emotional and financial regrouping. So here we are 1 year later, with a new bank, new donor, 30 pounds lighter and now adding injectables with monitoring. I am a bit nervous I remember the heart ache of my previous failed iui's and since everything is OOP there is no chance for ivf and if this cycle fails.... well it will be a good 5 months before we can try again.
Alittle backround. My husband and I have been married 12.5 years we discovered his azoospermia 10 years ago. It took another 7 before he was ready to use a donor. We went to counselling, to ensure we were making the right choice. I had all the tests done found out I have a slightly elevated FSH at 10 but over all not bad for a (then) 31 year old. Now fast forward 2 years we tried 2 unmonitored unmedicated iui and BFN. So we added clomid and still BFN. SO I had a HSG(clear) and a hysteroscoptic mymoctomy (total spelled wrong) to remove a fibroid. Tried another unmonitored iui clomid cycle and nothing.... Cue Job loss.
So now here I am 33 almost 34 ready for a 5th attempt and really nervous about the new drugs. Yesterday was my baseline ultrasound it wasn't as icky as I thought it would be. I thought I would feel awkward but a well placed sheet and a sense of humor made it fast and painless. My RE said my lining look fabulous, what ever that means. my protocol is 75 Mg of Gonal F, with a trigger shot and progesterone suppositories. (I heard they are fun)
Today is cd4 I will take my second dose of Gonal f today, Luckily I was pressured in my first dose to be quick as my young nieces were waiting outside the public restroom for me. So I basically cried a bit, gave my self a quick but stern pep talk, cried again then injected and joined the kids all within five minute. lol I never had much time to be scared but I was nervous that I would some how mess it up despite following the instructions. I am unsure what side effects await me.
Thanks for taking the time to read my novel. I am hoping to find someone else in same boat. Some one to trade imaginative symptoms with and to fret over follicle size with. It seems so many are doing the unaffordable ivf cycles so I cannot relate to egg retrievals and what not, plus we are using a donor so I feel even more left out since I cannot relate to those that have the option of naturally trying. I will continue with Gonal until sunday which is when I will have a blood test and a ultrasound on Tuesday for follicle sizing. Since this is my first monitored cycle I am going all in blindly but terribly hopeful
me 33 (slight DOR and FSH 10) DH 39 Azoospermia
2014---- removed fibroid, HSG ALL CLEAR
Added clomid and a new donor
2016--- new donor, new bank, 30lb lighter and Adding injectable GONAL F, trigger shot, progesterone suppositories and monitoring
Aug 2016 IUI #5......
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