10 days late .. Bfn

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10 days late .. Bfn

Postby Mon123 » Sun Jun 26, 2016 9:12 pm

I'm all new here. This is my first month ttc #1. I had an mc back in November 2015 and stopped ttc till this month. Lmp was 19/05/16, usually 30 day cycle but af has been late a few times after marriage 1 year ago.

The last time I tested was Thursday (5 days late .. bfn). Since then I haven't been brave enough to test again. I have been feeling some symptoms like cramping (on Thursday I thought af was coming but it didnt). I also feel slightly nauseated when I'm hungry. I do go frequently to the toilet but I also had a urine infection so it could be from that too. Only 2 days ago my boobs started to feel sore .. one more than the other. Also my DH said they have gone darker and slightly bigger but I'm not sure.

The most annoying thing I have currently is the sneezing, itchy nose and eyes (my eyes are soo bad they are red all day).

I am confused and I don't know
Plz help
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Re: 10 days late .. Bfn

Postby Eudaimonia » Sun Jul 03, 2016 5:11 am

Hey Mon123,

If you are 10+ days late I would certainly test again. I know some women don't always have enough hcg for the test to pick up on straight away. If you still get a BPN and AF doesn't come, I would suggest going to your GP to check out what might be going on hormonally.

Good luck x
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