Anyone got BFP after BFN?

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Anyone got BFP after BFN?

Postby krisviper » Fri Aug 04, 2017 8:04 am

Hello ladies!
My boyfriend and I just started trying for a baby, I think it's been two months now. Last two cycles were a total fail so I hope this month is our month. I've had every symptom possible, except spotting and vomiting. My periods used to be irregular but since May they've been regular (28-29). Two days before AF I'm literally crying in pain, and after few hours of horrible pain, she always shows up. I don't usually have any symptoms before AF, I'm just really irritable and need way too much attention lol! This time I have horrible lower backache, headache, sore BBS,every muscle in my body hurts, my legs are incredibly sore, I have white creamy discharge, cramps started at 8 DPO (Now I'm DPO14), really mild cramps tho, started on both sides then eventually only right side hurt, and then left.. I had constipation also since DPO 8 til now. Feeling gassy, bloated and full. Almost like I have a balloon in my tummy! AF 3 days late, I tested BFN on DPO 10 and today DPO 14. Feel free to share your experiences and opinions, anything will be helpful!
Good luck to all you ladies who are TTC, hope we all get our BFP soon!
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