TTC with large ovarian cyst.....Is this safe?

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TTC with large ovarian cyst.....Is this safe?

Postby marshallchelsea » Tue May 20, 2014 10:46 am

After stalking these boards, I have finally decided to ask my first question.
A little bit of history....I am 29, DH is 32. This will be our 3rd month ttc (I came off bc 3 months ago). I was put on bc 5 years ago when the doc found a 4.8cm complex ovarian cyst on my right ovary (they were always on the right ovary). The bc actually helped it go away as well as get fewer occurrences of smaller ones.
Last month I started having pain from what I was hoping was implantation or anything to do with the fact that I might be pregnant (felt more like a bladder infection). After about 15 BFN's and pain getting so bad that I didn't want to move, I went to the doc. He ran all the typical blood tests (all normal) and sent me for an u/s. My u/s showed a simple large ovarian cyst (7cm on the left ovary). The doc told me to follow up in 3 months. I asked him for more information and said I was ttc. He said he didn't know much about cysts and would refer me to ob/gyn. Of course it takes forever to get a referral here (it took me a year to get into the specialist with my last cyst).
So now I'm left here wondering, can I even get pregnant now that I have this cyst? If I can get pregnant with the cyst, is it safe? I've also read that I might need surgery to have it removed (can't find consistent results online though).
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Re: TTC with large ovarian cyst.....Is this safe?

Postby Leezie » Tue May 20, 2014 4:54 pm

I had cysts on my ovary when I was around 20, I don't know if they make it harder to conceive or not. I feel like it might be painful to have a baby with them, depending on their size because it hurt me even to have the pressure during sex.

What I can tell you is yes sometimes it takes surgery to have them removed if they don't go away with bc and they're bothersome. For myself it was four small cuts, one above the pelvic bone, and two over top of each ovary and one by the belly button.

Even though they had to take part of my ovary I still managed to conceive a couple years later.
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