First Post PCOS TTC 1st Cycle: Puregon and Ovitrelle

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First Post PCOS TTC 1st Cycle: Puregon and Ovitrelle

Postby Mavie » Wed Dec 02, 2015 5:41 pm

Hey everyone! :)

This is my first post on here so I'm not the most up to date with all the lingo.

I went off BC in October 2013 and my husband and I have been TTC naturally until last month (approx 2 yrs).

After coming off BC I had 1-2 periods a year which only in the past few months have now gone back to 'normal' ie every month or so.

We went to a fertility DR who diagnosed me with PCOS after US and BW tests. My husband was also checked and his tests came out fine.

Our Dr said that there should be a good chance I will get BFG eventually as I am young however he warned that this will be a long process; he said that there is a fine line between conceiving 1 and 10 children and the art is finding the correct dosage for me. ;)

This is our first cycle and our Dr put me on Puregon 25IU for CD3-7 then US and BW on CD8. He prescribed me with Duphaston to trigger AF however I received AF without the Duphaston and started the Puregon on CD3 as instructed.

On CD8 the U/S technician said the follicles are still small but there should be enough time for them to grow.

After US and BW tests our DR told us to continue to take Puregon CD8-9 then do another US and BW on CD10.

Tomorrow is CD10 so hopefully everything will be fine by then!

My Ovitrelle is in the fridge patiently waiting to trigger... :)

Is anyone in a similar situation?

Does anyone have success stories to keep me positive during this process?

Thanks in advance! ;)
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