New- Looking for Support

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New- Looking for Support

Postby Ninaann » Sun Mar 13, 2016 2:20 pm

So I'm new to this type of thing, but I felt like I needed some more support while TTC.

My husband and I are in our early 20s and have been TTC with no luck. We have been "secretive" about it for multiple reasons so I feel pretty alone when it comes to this whole process.

I'm desperately want a little one. To the point where I feel sad when I see someone with a new baby or pregnant. Which I feel totally pathetic about. I know many people TTC for much longer and remain positive. I would appreciate any tips or suggestions on how to remain hopeful after each negative cycle.

We are religious so we have, and continue to, pray about it. But it's still difficult when you want something so badly and feel you have no control.

Thanks in advance.
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Re: New- Looking for Support

Postby Jessiem9925 » Wed Mar 16, 2016 8:24 pm

Hi Ninaann I'm sorry you're going through this alone TTC is really hard especially when it seems like everyone around you sneezes and gets PG. And I completely understand feeling bitter or sad when you see those people and your struggling.

This is my third go around with TTC and none of the times has it been easy (5 chemical pg, 1 mc, 1 stillbirth, and 1 healthy baby girl who's now 4). I definitely get discouraged and lose my hope so I completely understand how you're feeling. The best advice I have for you is remind yourself that actually getting PG requires a million little things to go exactly right at exactly the right moment. It's not as easy as our parents made it sound when we were teenagers. Also, on the day AF arrives don't beat yourself up about being sad. Give yourself a day to cry and wallow in it and then start planning your next cycle. I've found doing research on possible things to try has helped me move past the failed cycle. And best advice is keep in contact with your OBGYN about your progress. Some doctors are willing to do more when you're properly charting and documenting.

Lots and lots of baby dust!
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Re: New- Looking for Support

Postby CalRN03 » Sun Jul 31, 2016 7:53 pm

Hi ninaann, Sorry you feel alone during this process. I am 25 and ttc with my husband as well. I find it a very stressful situation as well, and am jealous of all the accidental pregnancies I see around. I came off bc about 2.5 months ago and just got my first positive opk on cd31 this cycle. So seems it took my body 2 cycles to o after bc and probably will be another month or two I imagine before my cycle is really sorted out.
Have you been charting you bbt and cm? I find this really helpful so I know when and if I ovulate and can figure out when to bd with my husband. Also if you haven't you should read the book called "taking charge of your fertility". It helps explain how to chart your bbt and cm and what to expect with your cycles. I have learned a lot about my body and its helping me feel a little more in control knowing what is going on in my cycle. That way I know if I have or haven't o'd and will know why I don't get a bfp at the end of my cycle.
I hope this helps and we can be on the ttc journey together for our first!
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Re: New- Looking for Support

Postby Bellababy814 » Thu Aug 04, 2016 8:51 am

I am going through the same thing with you honey. You're not alone!! I just started my new cycle today and I had a good cry and I'm going to try to change things up. Just have to look forward to trying again and having a fresh start. It will happen. I'm 24 and SO is 28. I feel like these chats are very helpful since you can open up and express your feelings and frustrations!
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