Feeling Discouraged - How to stay optimistic?

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Feeling Discouraged - How to stay optimistic?

Postby rebeccamac47 » Wed Jan 18, 2017 1:51 pm

Hello everyone!

I have been spending alot of time on this site for the last 5 months while my husband and I have been TTC. I read what everyone else is going through, but have not posted anything of my own yet.

I am 26 and my husband is 33. We have been TTC for the last 6 months with no luck. I know that many women struggle for many more months/years before getting their BFP and that is why I havent posted anything as I don't think its fair for me to be feeling discouraged and talking about it openly when so many women have been on this TTC journey much longer than me to no avail.

I am wondering how to maintain optimism? I immedialty think that something is wrong with us and that it may never happen for us. Logically I know that is ridiculous to be feeling that so early on, but emotionaly I worry about it every single day.

My mom blinked and got pregnant with both me and my brother, so I guess I had this idea in my head that It would be that easy for me as well. :(

I stress about the fact that I am stressing because I know elevated stress levels can affect fertility. I want to be able to just forget about it all together and not TTC until it just happens, but I find it impossible when I am so ready to be a mom.

I used to have pretty regular cylces but ironcially they have gone a little haywire since we have been TTC. I have long irregular cycles now, and i struggle with lnowing when I am ovulating. I have taken OPK's and BBT but I get positives sometimes before I have ovulated and it just confuses me more.

I am so frusterated with trying to predict my fertile window! Has anyone else had trouble knowing when they are ovulating even with trying to track it so carefully?

Thanks ladies for reading <3 Its hard when there isnt alot of people you can talk to.

Baby dust to all! <3
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Re: Feeling Discouraged - How to stay optimistic?

Postby Danaa » Wed Jan 18, 2017 2:21 pm

Hey there and welcome,6 months is not to be worried just yet especially since you are not sure that you are having sex in ur fertile period,my best advice to you is to keep using opks and temping,most women get a positive opk a day or two before they actually ovulate and some get one on teh day they are ovulating,get urself some cheap opks from eBay Or amazon,buy a whole bunch of them and depending on ur cycle length start testing around cycle day 10-15 twice a day,you could also try vitex to help regulate ur cycles.Good luck!!
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Re: Feeling Discouraged - How to stay optimistic?

Postby rebeccamac47 » Tue Jan 24, 2017 2:07 pm

Thanks for your reply!

I will continue to use the OPK, but I think the BBT has just made me super stress and over analyze every little change etc. We also starting this month are going to just try and have sex every 3 days like clock work and hope for the best! LOL.

I have been on Vitex for two years now. I used to have really bad acne and have been seeing a naturopath for a few years working on regulating my hormones. I think that's also why its so discouraging is that I worked so hard for years to regulate my hormones/cycles and I am still having issues with them.
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Re: Feeling Discouraged - How to stay optimistic?

Postby mimimama » Sun Jan 29, 2017 8:56 am

As Danaa has written, just "work" harder and enjoy the process :) There is no reason to worry Good luck!
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