TTC After Depo Sucks

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TTC After Depo Sucks

Postby bumblebee88 » Sun Apr 02, 2017 3:18 pm

I am 23 and DH is 26. We live healthy, active, low-stress lives, yet here we are on CD 3 of month 11 TTC [last shot Feb 2016-wear off May 2016].

I held it together so well the first 9 months of TTC. I knew it could take a long time. I was positively encouraged that since I was having regular periods and DH and I are young and healthy, that I would get pregnant faster than the average woman coming off Depo.

However, it all hit the fan last month when the ugly witch showed up right on schedule. I had a major meltdown and had to call out sick from work. I stayed in my house all day, crying in my pajamas. The average month to conceive after a depo shot wears off (when it's due) is 10 months. That's when it hit me that I may be still be TTC at the 2 year mark. Or maybe I will never have the wonderful experience of being pregnant.

I am CD 3 and didn't have a meltdown this time but now I feel SO negative and of course that makes me worried that my feelings will prevent pregnancy (vicious cycle). I'm very Type A and I'm not used to not having control over my life, so this is a very hard pill to swallow. I know 11 months is under a year and there are people who have been TTC for 2+ years but I feel defeated because it's like no matter WHAT I do, AF still shows up right on time.

Everything I've tried:
-red raspberry leaf tea from March 2016-September 2016
-let it happen on it's own- Sept + October + November
-temping + fertility app- December, January
-vitex, evening primrose oil, maca root, zinc- february-now
-pineapple core, opk strips, keeping uterus warm- March
-April 17 adding B6
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Re: TTC After Depo Sucks

Postby Danielle 91 » Fri Jun 02, 2017 4:11 am

I had my last injection in November so should have worn of February. I still haven't had a normal cycle, I used opk sticks last month and I definitely O and again this month but the day of o I have a 5 day heavy bleed which makes me anxious if my egg does get fertilised it definitely won't implant. I think am going to be in it for the long haul. X
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Re: TTC After Depo Sucks

Postby hmContine16 » Thu Jun 29, 2017 2:17 pm

This is pretty much exactly me! Last depo shot was November 2015 but then I was on the pill until the end of June 2016. Been TTC since July 2016. I'm also very young and so is DH. I totally don't get why it's taking so long as I've had regular ovulatory cycles ever since coming off BC. So frustrating.
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