AF is three days late, negative HPT

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AF is three days late, negative HPT

Postby marchesp » Mon Apr 30, 2018 2:27 am

I normally have a very regular cycle, lasting about 31 or 32 days. My partner and I baby danced 4 days before I ovulated because our work schedule was too busy and thats unfortunately the only chance we got. A little before I ovulated I started noticing that I was really bloated and it all felt really heavy down there. My boobs got really swollen, and have remained that way even to this day. Which is really unusual for me. My nipples have been extremely sore and sensitive also. My lower back has also been really bothering me, which never happens. It hurts even when I’m laying in bed and sometimes makes it too uncomfortable to fall asleep. Aside from a few dizzy spells and strange dreams/insomnia, and extreme hunger all month, I haven’t felt too different from my normal self. The day AF was supposed to arrive I got cramps and was super moody and I was sure this month wasn’t happening but she never came. I’m now three days late and the test I took this morning was negative. Im so bloated to the point where I can actually see it, my stomach is flat so it caught my eye. Have had lotion-like white CM after I ovulated but today it’s a little more watery and white. Will schedule a blood test to find out what’s going on but what does everyone think??
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Re: AF is three days late, negative HPT

Postby Danaa » Mon Apr 30, 2018 4:26 pm

You probably Ovulated later than usual and that is why ur period is late or the hpt you took maybe wrong,keep testing.good luck!
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