May 2015 2WW

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May 2015 2WW

Postby stormygirl » Tue May 05, 2015 10:15 am

Age 37
Pregnancy 1 - 1998 Baby girl! (Accidental pregnancy while taking BCP, dr said St John's wart impeded the effectiveness of the pill.)
Pregnancy 2 - 2007 Miscarriage
Pregnancy 3 - 2012 Baby Boy! (After a year of trying we were successful with first round IUI on Letrozole)
TTC now for 18 mos - 5 IUI attempts on Clomid and Letrozole

Decided under the guidance of our fertility specialist to try IVF. Here's the long drawn out process...

Day 1 (Mar 18)- call in to period hotline
Day 6 Treatment offered by clinic
Day 16 (apr 2) Begin downregulation Suprefact Nasal spray 5x daily
Day 25 now Day 1 (Apr 11) Period start - very heavy period lots of cramping unusual for me

Stimulation Cycle
Day 1 (April 16) U/S and blood tests (still spotting). Tests normal FSH injections begin today. Gonal F 225 iu & Luveris 75 iu plus Suprefact Nasal spray 3x daily
Day 2 - repeat day 1 dosage
Day 3 - repeat day 1 dosage - severe cramping, moodiness and total exhaustion
Day 4 - Blood test - levels lower than expected, increase Gonal f to 375iu, Luveris 75iu plus Suprefact Nasal spray 3x daily
Day 5 - repeat day 4 dosage
Day 6 - repeat day 4 dosage
Day 7 (april 22) Blood tests and U/S. Follicles not developing estimate that 3 or 4 follicles will develop eggs. Given option to cancel cycle or increase Gonal F to see if other follies will "catch up". increase Gonal f to 450iu, Luveris 75iu plus Suprefact Nasal spray 3x daily
Day 8 - repeat day 7 dosage
Day 9 - repeat day 7 dosage
Day 10 (apr 25) Blood tests and U/S. No significant improvement. Given the option to cancel the ivf cycle or switch to Superovulation IUI. Chose the iui knowing the risk of greater chance of multiples with uncontrolled fertilization. Decrease Gonal f to 250iu, Luveris 75iu plus Suprefact Nasal spray 3x daily
Day 11 - repeat day 10 dosage
Day 12 Blood tests/Ultrasound - it is go time! HCG trigger shot tonight at 11:30 and IUI scheduled for April 29.
HCG Trigger shot (10,000iu).... OUCH!!!! Seriously sore and red!
Day 13 April 28 - Nothing
Day 14 April 29 - scheduled fertility acupuncture for prior to IUI. Suggested sectioning a ripe organic pineapple into 5 sections including the core and eating a section a day for the next 5 days! Why not!?!?
IUI performed at 10:30 am with 12 Million sperm count. unfortunately had to work so I couldn't rest that day. Later in the day I felt a 'pop' on each side of ovaries - maybe ovulation?? HCG injection site sore to the touch. Baby danced that night!
Day 1 Post IUI April 30 - crampy and VERY gassy
Day 2 Post IUI May 1 - VERY gassy
Day 3 Post IUI May 2 - nipple sensitivity heightened libido
Day 4 Post IUI May 3 - explosive diarrea!! Wanted to take an HPT to see if trigger shot had worked itself out of my body yet. +HPT so although nice to see it is an indicator of only remains of injection
Day 5 Post IUI May 4 - Tired, heightened sense of smell (i could smell cinnamon sprinkles in a covered coffee cup from across the room!), Nipple sensitivity, breasts feel heavy - took another HPT - still positive
Day 6 Post IUI May 5... here we are still waiting! Took another HPT - positive line is faint now so it looks like the trigger shot wore off. Here's hoping that line comes back soon!!

Good luck to all!
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Re: May 2015 2WW

Postby stormygirl » Mon May 11, 2015 9:29 am

Happy to say that on 10 DPO - i got a BFP!!!

Further symptoms that I experienced in the last few days..
Eczema outbreak, aversion to ALL scents (especially vitamin B), craving potatoes, slight acne outbreak and really dry looking hair!

Hang in there ladies!

Baby dust to all!
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Re: May 2015 2WW

Postby mylammie04 » Mon May 11, 2015 11:20 am

Congrats stormygirl!

So happy for your BFP :)
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Re: May 2015 2WW

Postby pmayer77 » Thu May 21, 2015 8:09 am


Congrats and thanks for sharing.

Your story has given me hope over all other stories.

I'm 38 and have a IUI scheduled this month.

Thanks again,
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IUI#2 (5/23/15) Clomid cd3-7, 2 follicles #17 #23, HCG 5/22 - BFN
IUI #3 (6/20/15) Clomid cd3-7, 3 follicles #17, #18, #117, HCG 6/19 - hoping & praying this is the one..

I hope... I pray... I believe...
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