Anybody starting cycle around January 5th!?!

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Anybody starting cycle around January 5th!?!

Postby MIKABOO82 » Sun Jan 06, 2013 11:12 am

Hello all! I'm 30yrs old and hubby is 40. We have been trying to conceive baby #1 for about 7yrs.

I started my cycle January 5, 2013..pretty disappointed because I just knew AF would not show up this month.

I'v been trying for the last seven years and yes we've been to a fertility doctor, had our share of test, etc and they couldn't find anything wrong. Last month I started conceive easy (figured I'd give it a shot) and this cycle I will start round 2 of conceive easy and try the mucinex magic I've heard so much about (any suggestions on when I should start in my cycle). I will also start charting (again) and hopefully this will help me out. Even though the doctors didn't find anything, I'm giving it another month or two and we might have to see another specialist.

Good luck to you all and many prayers!
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Re: Anybody starting cycle around January 5th!?!

Postby bazil323 » Mon Jan 07, 2013 12:42 pm

Hi! I'm usually in the General TTC board or Ovulation, so I didn't see this right away. I am due for AF some time this week, Fertility Friend said the 6th based on my last cycle which was short because of being off Mirena for such a short time (removed 10/10/12), so I'm not 100% certan when I'll be officially late but no AF so far.

Do you know/track when you usually ovulate? If you do, then I'd start Mucinex (guaifenesin is the generic name) 2-3 days before that and BD on those days. Otherwise, I'd start it when you first start seeing watery or ewcm. Good luck!!
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