TTC before my Terminal Mom passes?

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TTC before my Terminal Mom passes?

Postby essiejames23 » Wed May 06, 2015 11:14 am

Hi! Hubby and I TTCd for years with no luck (we are both in school - I am mid 20s he is just about 30). Was diagnosed with PCOS last week and will start on Metformin/Spiro plus lovenox this week. The doctor is certain it will help me lose weight/conceive, but I can't help thinking how real/scary this all is. For the longest time, we lived thinking we may never have children, but now that we really might be able to and I have this small window of opportunity - it is intimidating! The dr said now or never. my mom is also dying of terminal cancer and was given a year - her only wish was to have a grandchild. I cant help thinking maybe this is all the right timing/meant to be, but I just had this whole life planned out in my head. Graduate from college first, buy a home, etc... but maybe this baby doesnt want to wait any longer. Is it wrong to wonder if I should wait for the life I pictured to come true? Or should I jump at this amazing opportunity Ive been given? We can afford it - will be tight, but only two years left in school. We can just live in our big studio the first year. By the time the baby is born and turns 1, we will be done with school anyways. Wow, this is alot to think about.

I would love some fresh insight :) :hugs:
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