Did I ovulate?

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Re: Did I ovulate?

Postby riazoyer » Thu Jun 21, 2018 2:25 am

Hey, there Your dr sounds really unprofessional and downright rude what the hell she should be helping you not making you feel bad for asking for tests! I would ask for day 21 types of blood to confirm Ovulation has happened and then take it from there. I don't know why she wouldn't do a day 21 blood test seeing as that's the one that confirms ovulation?! If it has happened then you can go forward with more testing, if not then at least you know what the issue is and it's an easy fix. Also, has your partner had any testing done? Sometimes you have to demand with these doctors they seem to forget their duty of care to their patients sometimes. I bet if you go in and stand your ground she will be as nice as pie in no time lol. Also, ask for a copy of the blood test results x
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