Anyone TTC#2, BF'ing and no PPAF?

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Anyone TTC#2, BF'ing and no PPAF?

Postby NtGnaGiveUp_C » Sat Mar 03, 2012 2:25 pm

Well, as it says!
Most people I see are breastfeeding 12 months+ and/or have their cycles back.
Anyone else as desperate as us to not wait around? :lol:

I had a very faint +hpt this month, which sadly faded.
Maybe chemical, maybe dodgy tests?
Either way, none of the other tests afterwards had any sort of line to them.
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Postby UmmuFox » Mon Mar 12, 2012 4:08 pm

I was in the same boat, wanting AF to return so DH and I could start trying again. DS was 13.5 months when PPAF arrived. In January, when DS was just shy of 16 months, I started taking Vitex again. (I had tried taking it when he was 6 months old hoping it would encourage the arrival of AF; it didn't at the time, but I only used it for about 7 weeks before I stopped.) I did not consider that my supply was lower than it was the year before therefore making the Vitex more concentrated in my milk supply, and so when I started it again, DS weaned suddenly. The taste from the supplement bothered him. :( I was saddened by it, since it wasn't my intention to wean him.

However, I see that your LO is approximately 5 months. You might consider doing some research on trying the Vitex to see if it encourages the return of AF. Just be aware that LO may not like the taste. I'd say you're still feeding quite a bit, so starting lightly shouldn't change the taste too much.

I recommend trying to cut out one feeding a day. From what I remember reading, this could make the biggest difference in encouraging PPAF. Trying to hit the 4-hour mark helps too (getting LO to wait 4 hours between feedings). With DS, that just wasn't an option for me until he was 10 months. Seriously, my kid ate ALL THE TIME, lol. But if you could start pumping now, and get a little stash going, then you could replace one feeding with a bottle feeding once a day. Then try to go 3-4 hours without feeding or pumping to get that break. (Try pumping about an hour before you expect LO to be hungry, that way you can build up your supply in time for the next feeding - to feed by bb - and still keep that 3-4 hour break to encourage AF.) Just remember that conceiving while BF increases your chances of having twins!! I actually want twins, which is another reason I tried the Vitex while BFing, lol.

If you're already pumping, then keep faith. You should hopefully see AF soon. It tends to come back faster for moms who pump or are away from baby for extended periods. I believe the average age of breastfed baby when PPAF shows is 14 months.

But let me add, as you probably already feel/know, BFing is worth the wait. I want my kids to be close in age, so I'm definitely feeling the itch since DS is 18 months and I have fertility problems. But I wouldn't trade one day of BFing to have a baby earlier. In fact, I am still a little sad that DS weaned so suddenly. It wasn't my intention, and now that it's over, there is no getting it back. :)

GL to you and your returning fertility!
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Postby MegsRemainsHopeful » Sun Mar 18, 2012 6:17 pm

I so very much wanted another like right away since it took just over 4 years to conceive DD. I nursed on demand around the clock and co-slept, still do actually. At 16 months {not yet having a PPAF} I went to the RE and u/s revealed lots of cysts on ovaries so Dr wanted to induce AF to hopefully clear those out as I was in pain from them. I did not want to pay out the wazoo for progesterone supplements so I googled... I came across Unsulphered Blackstrap Molasses in milk and Apple Cider Vinegar in water as natural AF inducers. About a week after starting, AF showed! I will also add that around this time, DD started sleeping, finally, a 4-5 hour stretch at night when first putting her to bed. That probably contributed to it. :-)

I'm like day 8 in my first PP cycle actively TTC #2! We are doing Vitex tincture {kellymom says it is fine to take while nursing and some actually take to increase milk supply while others do notice a drop in supply that is corrected by usual methods} and praying for patience should it take awhile again. I have not noticed anything different in supply and DD nurses often still which I am glad for as I want her to wean when she is ready.

Unfortunately/fortunately the only thing you can do is wait it out unless you are willing to wean {which I do not recommend}.
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Postby BrtnyMiller » Mon Apr 02, 2012 6:54 am

I'm gonna be TTC #2 in September (or August, if I can convince my hubs) and I'm also EBF'ing. I have had PPAF's but not sure if I'm O'ing. My body geared up multiple times but not sure if I actually DO ovulate.
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Postby ttcbb2 » Tue Apr 17, 2012 9:45 am

I am going crazy. I've been BF for 12 months, but now it's just morning and night time feeds, and I don't think he gets much anyway. I just have a hard time giving up the cuddles! But, no AF!!! I have a hard time getting preggers, so it's driving me nuts. I'm trying vitex and parsley tea, but nothing is happening yet. If only I could enjoy the lack of period like most sane women..,.:(
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Postby allisonwi » Wed Apr 18, 2012 5:14 am

I was going to post this exact question!

DD#2 is almost 8 months, we're still EBF'ing and I haven't gotten AF back. I've been on the minipill up until now, but now I'm stopping it.

It took 2 natural months to get pg with DD#1, and 10 months for DD#2 involving 4 months of clomid due to anovulatory cycles.

So I'm nervous it's going to happen right away, but don't want to wait so long again between kids. Can you get PG without having AF?
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Postby ttcbb2 » Wed Apr 18, 2012 8:54 am

You CAN get pregnant w/o AF. I think it's just harder to tell when you're ovulating when you don't have a starting point. I wish one of these remedies would work already!!! Come on, flow, aunt, flow!
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Postby xXxJessicaxXx » Thu May 03, 2012 2:28 am


Iv been TTC no:2 for nearly 2 year's now, with no luck me and my wonderful fiance are waiting to be reffered to a specialist as our blood and SA result's came back with good and bad new's, doctor also think's i have barrett's syndrome so he asked me to repeat my blood work's which I did the other week, And now just Waiting to see him and get my result's and then reffering me to FS (fertilitty Specialist) Im hopeing i havent got barrett's syndrome, But I'll just have to wait and see, This has been a really long journey for me and my fiance, and it's heart braking that I cant even give my DD a little brother or sister or give mty fiance another child. My DD is 2 year's 2 month's old and weve been trying since she was really really younge, We started off without doing anythink just BDing around the time of Ovulation, the 18 month's later still nothink so I started taking folic acid and charting and temping. That's been 5/6 Month's now and still nothink, Which make's me believe there defo somethink wrong, I also Think I had a chemical a Few month's back and a few month's before that a MC but I cant be 100% sure, As I didnt go to the doctor and still havent told my doctor. Do you think I should tell him or my fertility specialist???

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Postby niksmc » Sun Aug 05, 2012 7:10 pm

Hi Girls - I accidently already posted something because I didn't see this.

I am 11 months PP and no AF. DS feeds on demand and still co sleeps and feeds a lot at night. Lately we have been giving him a bottle of cows milk and I am trying to go at least 4 hours during the day without bf, which is easy when DS is distracted.

I think I am going to start taking Vitex and I like the ACV suggestion.

We got pregnant super easy the first time on a very irregular 60 day period.

Are you girls temping? I want to but it's hard with DS nursing at night. I don't know how accurate it would be....
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