Pinching pain, Hot flashes & sinus infection

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Pinching pain, Hot flashes & sinus infection

Postby Rasta Mami » Wed Jun 10, 2015 11:27 pm

Hi everyone I'm new here. Me and my bf have been trying to conceive after we miscarried last year in June. This time I'm so use to my body I know every ache and pain I get before AF. May my AF was a lot lighter than I was use to but lasted for 5 days. But after is what got me, my boobs were so sensitive and swollen for a week which never happens,I ovulated on time but we always DTD a few days ago I had the worst sharp pain in my belly button I doubled over and the pain went into my uh oh. The next day I woke up feeling HORRIBLE like I was coming down with the flu but went to the er and they said I had a sinus infection. My back was aching and I had cramping pains, frequent potty trips and cravings. Now my AF isn't due until Tuesday but I'm constantly having these pinching pains in my lower abdomen. I remember having it the last pregnancy when I found out on mother's day I was pregnant. These pains are similar. I never get these pains before and I never get sick before AF. I haven't craved chocolate like I usually do. I'm getting constant hot flashes, headaches,and crazy crazy dreams. My boobs don't hurt my nipples are just more erect........ Sorry tmi, I had a gush feeling yesterday, thinking I peed myself but I didn't.

We have been ttc for over a year now. There is a big age difference but that doesn't affect it.
Pls does anyone know. I took a test last week but it was negative.
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