2018 Roll Call!

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2018 Roll Call!

Postby JemimaK » Fri Mar 09, 2018 3:25 pm

Just thought I’d throw one out there as this group has been quiet a while and I know there are plenty of us TTC #2 or more :)

Standard icebreakers:
How many kids you have:
How long have you been TTC this time around:
Your CD and DPO if in TWW:
Anything about yourself you want to share:

I’ll start! I’m Kat, I’m 31and I have 1 DS who is 2. We started TTC #2 last cycle- not holding my breath on a quick bfp though as we took 12 months to fall with DS, also NTNP this month and next for a variety of reasons. Will start smep in May. I’m currently on CD12, I’ve just started temping again this cycle and expecting to O around CD 16.

Lots of baby dust to you all x
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Re: 2018 Roll Call!

Postby Catblue6 » Thu Apr 26, 2018 5:15 am

Hi! I'm new to all this, but this looked like a good place to start.

I'm Cate, I'll be 31 in June, and I have a DS who'll be 2 in July. If you ask my DH we haven't officially started TTC #2 yet, but we ramped up BD last cycle, and this cycle I started using OPKs in order to figure out when I O. I am currently CD29 and DPO3. I'm not gonna lie though, I'm hoping to get lucky this month since on paper it seems as if everything lined up nicely; and, I've been using preseed. But, I have low hopes. We went 2yrs without using birth control of any kind, and got nothing. I finally had to start using OPKs and preseed in order to get DS... I did OPKs for 2 cycles with no luck, added preseed on the 3rd cycle and bam!

Being in the TWW though sucks, and I don't remember what I did to distract myself last time lol. I keep trying to think back to see if I was this crazy, but I can't recall. I also have no one close to share all this with. None of my girlfriends have children yet, most of them are still in the bar hopping phase; and, DH is tired of hearing about it. So maybe this will be a good thing?
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