Waiting on natural miscarriage after prometrium, help!

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Waiting on natural miscarriage after prometrium, help!

Postby wele » Fri Jul 12, 2013 5:23 am

How long after stopping Prometrium should my miscarriage happen?

Due to a luteal phase defect, I start progesterone supplements (prometrium, 200 mg in the morning and night) two days after I ovulate. I found I was pregnant last Tuesday and started spotting on Wednesday, I've been spotting on and off since. Had two blood tests last week and one this past Monday that showed my HCG levels are not rising. As of Monday, they were not falling either. I stopped the progesterone on Monday morning. I have yet to start bleeding and the spotting is becoming lighter and less often. I am having another blood test on Monday.

On top of dealing with the emotions of a miscarriage, waiting to start bleeding is making me very anxious and even more sad.

Has anyone had an experience of a miscarriage on prometrium? If so, do you know how long after I stopped the supplements that I will begin to bleed? I am anxious for the process to be over, waiting to miscarry is hard.
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Re: Waiting on natural miscarriage after prometrium, help!

Postby hopeful88 » Wed Jul 17, 2013 8:57 am


I'm so sorry for your loss and now yet another waiting game. I was on progesterone (crinone) when I mc'ed. I had a d&c so I can't say exactly when it will happen but it 2 weeks after I stopped progesterone. Everyone is different. You can also ask for a pill (can't think of the name) that will help speed things along if you want to put this behind you.

Sorry again for you loss and best wishes for a sticky bean soon!
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