After Loss....

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After Loss....

Postby CBabesMama » Fri Oct 04, 2013 1:11 pm

Needing some advice, been a user before on the TTC boards and now, feel like I’m starting over.

Had been trying to conceive for a year, diagnosed with high prolactin, put on Cabergoline for 4 months, brought levels down to 9ml. Midwife advised waiting 3 months before seeing her again and she was sure I’d be pregnant.

Sure enough, I found out August 1st I was pregnant. (12DPO)… SOO excited. Boobs sore, nausea here & there, all the signs were there.. At 9 weeks with DS I spotted pretty bad, went in for scan and they said everything looked great. So When I started spotted on 9Wks + 4 days, I thought “oh this again!” and called MW, she advised Bedrest .. So That I did. Fell asleep with DS, woke up cramping and bleeding everywhere. Decided to go to ER (On Sept 14th).. The Ultrasound showed a sac, and nothing else. Was advised that the placenta never attached, baby probably stopped growing a while back and was already expelled. They sent me home to continue miscarrying naturally. Levels were 15,500 at ER. A week later, still bleeding, levels tested at 401. MW was happy, said that was good and should return to normal fast.

I bled fairly heavy until the 19th, and then spotted until the 25th. (mostly brown spotting). On the 25th, I decided to take an HPT and an OPK. The HPT had a very very light 2nd line, and the OPK was blaring positive. Today, the 4th of October, my levels are at 12. Do I take that OPK as a sign of ovulation? My MW did want me to wait a normal cycle before we started trying again, but of course- Im already looking ahead and wondering when the next AF will show and when I will ovulate again and can start trying. If counting the MC as the first CD, that OPK+ was on CD 12, (which true to form, I get a POSOPK on CD12, O on CD13) with 13day LP. Thoughts????
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Re: After Loss....

Postby MEL66325 » Tue Oct 08, 2013 1:43 pm

I am so sorry for your loss. Our bodies are so wonky after a miscarriage. I hope you get your AF really soon so that you can start trying right away!
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Re: After Loss....

Postby delightfuldoula » Mon Oct 14, 2013 5:10 am

opt can pick up hcg too so I wouldn't say you ovulated for sure.
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