Insurance Warning - HCG TESTS

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Insurance Warning - HCG TESTS

Postby smari » Mon Oct 20, 2014 11:54 am

Hello all,

Just wanted to share with you an expensive mistake I made. I recently naturally miscarried (after a FET transfer via IVF). My doctor requested that I receive an HCG test once every week until my level came back to 5 or less. I was 5 lab tests into it when I received my bill. The lab was charging $230 a pop for the test and my insurance was only covering $39. I was having lab work done at a hospital, which is apparently more expensive. So $1000 later, I'm trying to fight the bill but I doubt I'll get anywhere.

I spoke with a nurse and she suggested I pee on a stick until I get a negative value then go back for my last blood test. A much cheaper option, but a day late - dollar short.

My advice is to call your insurance agency and ask for a preferred laboratory, then inquire about the pricing on the test before you commit to weekly checks! According to google, the prices can range from $50-$265 for such test.

Losing a baby is bad enough. Insurance issues are just insult to injury.
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Re: Insurance Warning - HCG TESTS

Postby MakingChief » Tue Oct 21, 2014 9:26 pm

I had something similar happen. I was not having to pay a co-pay when I started having my hcg draws done when I was pregnant. As soon as "miscarriage" got into my record they started charging me a small co-pay. Kind of depressing.
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