Is this normal after ectopic?

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Is this normal after ectopic?

Postby MIHappyCamper » Sat Dec 13, 2014 9:01 pm

We had been TTC for a while and ended up having weird symptoms right after a period ended and long story short, found out I likely had an ectopic pg at the end out August (based on hcg numbers, however they couldn't find anything on u/s except small ovarian cyst).
I got the methotrexate shot and after a peak of about 2000 for hcg, it took three full months to get down to hcg of 3. After the shots, I had no symptoms for three weeks- and then had exremely heavy bleeding for two weeks and then heavy for several weeks. Fast forward to numbers being below the recommended hcg 5 and I thought my period finally started- however I've had light to moderate bleeding for 14 days now.
Is this normal? It made sense before my numbers resolved but I don't know if I should be concerned?
I'm just so frustrated with how long everything is taking and I want to get back to normal so we can TTC again.
Thank you!
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