PCOS and on Femara. Month 3 TTC!

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PCOS and on Femara. Month 3 TTC!

Postby TUA88481 » Fri Jan 16, 2015 5:47 pm

Hello! My name is Andrea and I am pretty new to this, although it feels like I have been trying forever already. I have been reading so many TTC stories especially about women with pcos, because that's me as well. So I figured it's time to post my own story and see if anyone has anything they can relate to, or anything to say about my situation.
I am 25 and just married 3 months ago. We knew we wanted to start TTC right away, and because I was diagnosed with pcos 10 years ago, I knew I might have some difficulty. I was on the pill for 10 years and had normal cycles, and since I've been off the pill, my cycles have been very close to normal (28 days) with the exception of a 37 day cycle last month. I fully expected for that cycle to be followed by an even longer one, but to my surprise, I had a 28 day cycle again!
I have been using OPKs, and last month I had 2 surges with a clear blue advance, but a conflicting result and no 2nd surge with a cheapie opk. If you're wondering why I used 2 different brands and why I continued testing after my first surge, The answer is bc I'm nuts and completely obsessing about my cycle. And also, my bbt chart did not show a shift after my lh surge, so I figured I didn't ovulate, and might actually ovulate later in my cycle.
Anyway, i was referred to a fertility specialist as soon as I started TTC because of my previous diagnosis of pcos. It had been so long that I was on bc pills and had my levels checked, so I was very anxious to see what my bloods would show. My ultrasound showed classic pcos ovaries. However, my levels were all within normal! (Testosterone was through the roof when I was 15 and initially diagnosed) Probably because at the time it had only been about A month and a half since I had gone off the pill.
Wow it feels good to write this all out. So here I am, on night 3 of letrozole (Femara) because my bbt chart did not show clear ovulation last cycle, despite 2 lh surges. I am starting with 2.5 mg cd 4-9. I am so hopeful, as I have read many success stories about pcos and Femara. after dh's normal semen analysis, I'm so relieved that that's is one less thing to worry about.
I know that most of the time, Femara is used along with monitoring and iui, but I suppose my dr. Figured that since my levels are still normal, dh is normal, and my cycles aren't too wacky, I might be ok without the monitoring. I just hope I don't make too many follicles. That could be bad, and probably a good reason to be monitored. I might mention it to my dr. If I don't get my bfp this cycle.
Dh is extremely busy with work especially this time of year, and works a lot of 16 hour days, so I'm really hoping he is around enough for us to get in some crucial bd'ing at the right time!!!
I feel extremely lucky that I was diagnosed a long time ago, and didn't have to wait several months before a specialist would see me and prescribe something to get things moving. I know some women try for up to a year before their doctors will discuss fertility treatments with them. Because of my current work situation, I have 20 months left with my job, and I'm feeling desperate to get my bfp while I continue to bring in a steady income. But that's a whole different story!!
Sorry for rambling, but I find it interesting to read everyone else's life stories, so I though maybe some of you ladies might be equally as interested in mine! Lol. Either way. It's a wonderful feeling to finally be writing it all down. I'd love to hear everyone else's stories as well!
Lots of sticky baby dust to all of you!!!
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