Ovulated naturally! 4dpo

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Re: Ovulated naturally! 4dpo

Postby char_ox » Mon Sep 14, 2015 3:00 pm

This test was fmu with 10miu, only have 25miu tests left so worried won't be positive:-( thanks so much I'm so nervous about this lol!! Will keep updating :)
I don't really feel much different, no period or spotting and af come last month on cd34 but wasn't charting then, tomorrow will be cd37 and 14 dpo.
Have had cramps on an off but nothing out the usual which worries me , wouldn't I be feeling all sorts lol
Sorry to ramble - been so discouraged I started to google false positives and put me on a right downer :(

Hope your ok! How did your new job go?
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