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Re: Hello ladies

Postby Sexytorch » Tue Oct 16, 2012 3:12 pm

tasmom1 wrote:I too suffer from stage 4 endo'. I had surgery for it in 2007 and was able to conceive a few months later. I am scheduled to have surgery again on August 7th. Not looking forward to the procedure but I'm excited about the outcome. I'm sick of this pain :(

Hi! I had my lap done Jan 2012 and was on zoladex for 6months, til now didnt have my period, had tvs done yesterday doc said cyst came back on my left ovary, right is clear qfrom any endo. Been wanting to have a baby but my doc said to go dor ivf, i couldnt accept that this is the only solution. May i know how were u able to conceive after a few mo of surgery?
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