Lupron for Endo- Pre Fertility Treatment

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Lupron for Endo- Pre Fertility Treatment

Postby KettaTheSnowLeopard » Wed Jun 25, 2014 5:00 pm

Has anyone used Lupron for endometriosis treatment?
What kind of side effects did you have? Is it only available in injectable form?

I am 26 years old. I only have a little endo left on my ovaries, but we have to get rid of it before we can start regular fertility treatments.
Any insight you have would be helpful. Thanks!
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Re: Lupron for Endo- Pre Fertility Treatment

Postby hoping4miracle2009 » Fri Jul 18, 2014 10:07 am

My Dr prescribed it for me after having my last son but I never got it. (Honestly I didn't know where I was supposed to get it from and I was just too lazy to figure it out). So basically I'm no help, but was curious why you can't start fertility treatment? Does your Dr just want to make sure everything is clear for the best possible chance?
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Re: Lupron for Endo- Pre Fertility Treatment

Postby Espinoza11 » Mon Jul 21, 2014 2:21 pm

Hi. I had laprascopy to remove my endo but my dr was unable to remove all of it so I had to do lupron. It was injected in my hip area on my back like right above my butt. The side effects sucked so bad. It bbasically puts u in medically induced menopause. I had horrible hot flashes where id feel like I was on fire from the chest up, crazy mood swings I turned into a huge b**ch n I mean bad! It was the worst 8 months of my life! But it was supposed to help the endo and prevent it from growing back. Well I don't know how effective it was bcuz I still have a lot of pain, but not as bad as pre lap. This was about 3 yrs ago n the pain stills isn't as bad as it was before the surgeries and lupron. I tries everything birth control pills hormones everything before the lap.
After the lupron my dr told me I could get pregnant to help the endo that sometimes it cures it n if not then my other option to get rid of it and the pain would be a hysterectomy. I didn't want kids at that time I was only 22 n not ready yet but I didn't wanna have a hysterectomy either cuz I didwant kids in the future. so I just dealt with the pain n like I I said it wasn't as bad. But my dr did say if I wanted to conceive I shouldn't be able to do so fine and carry to term successfully. So the lap n lupron did help but I didn't ttc. My husband and I aren't just ttc now this is our 1st month trying.
Hope that helps u. It did suck for me but it was helpful afterwards. I didn't have periods during those 8 months which was nice n I didn't have pain. N afterwards the pain wasn't as bad and according to my dr I had better chances of conceiving and carrying a baby because of it. So good luck to you! I would love to hear what u decide n how it goes for u.
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Re: Lupron for Endo- Pre Fertility Treatment

Postby ABelle » Tue Sep 16, 2014 12:52 pm

i did Lupron for 6 months after my first lap when we discovered endo. I did one shot that lasted 3 months, then did another shot that lasted another 3 months. It basically puts you in post menopause to help your uterus heal from the endo. No periods so no flare ups. We ttc another 6 months after lupron was done with no success. I had no side effects from it other than a little bit of hot flashes but it was really no big deal. It's what you make out of it. I would have gone thru anything to have a baby so I wasn't a complainer. I was on the Vivelle dot patch during treatment so I really had no side effects.

I had another lap done 6 months after my lupron treatment ended and my results were amazing. My endo was better and my tubes were both OPEN! (I had endo so bad before that they couldn't even find the opening of my tubes at first and then they couldn't get dye thru either one on my 1st surgery)

We tried Clomid after that for a year, and 3 (injection meds) IUI over the next year and then finally IVF is what worked. Looking back, I wish I would have gone straight to IVF but I don't think I would have been as prepared for it if I went straight to that point. IVF was a breeze compared to the IUIs. You know everything about every portion of IVF. At least you know where your body is dropping the ball lol.

Good luck!!!!!!!!
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