Small cyst on both ovaries - NEW Here

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Small cyst on both ovaries - NEW Here

Postby nolalady84 » Thu Oct 16, 2014 7:30 pm

Hi I am 30yr old DH 32 we have been ttc for 3 mths now, off the pill since Feb 2014. I watched friend after friend get pregnant with a blink of an eye. Felt like I timed everything right, I have normal periods 31 days with 2 off course 35 & 38. My temps def went up last month. Thought for sure we were pregnant. Nope, wrong again.

So the day I got my period I bought my last chart where I temped, Dr. Yep, looks like your ovulating. Ok whats the deal? Got husband checked HD the next day, he's PERFECT! Ok, next day ultrasound...small cyst on both ovaries right one slightly larger, the tech used the term ''chocolate cyst'' but said appearance of PCOS. Never knew I had them! I explained to dr that I got off the pill in Feb but didn't start trying until July 2014. He replied, it's only been 3 mth...yes, I know that!!!! What is that on my ovaries? Told me not to worry about them they would go away on their own. HOW can I NOT worrry?...Thats a growth on a very important part of my body! I always felt like I ovulated on the right side since off the pill, why is it larger? No real answers as if he wanted to turn me away from what was found.He said your cycle 35 is a little long, we can try clomid. Taking day 8 now. argued to have blood work done, waiting results.

My mother had me at 20yr. Hysterectomy at 42. I have no childern, had 1 miscarriage at 15yrs 8weeks. Is it possible I have Endo as well? Why aren't we treating these cyst? Can I be pregnant with these cyst?

Looking to hear voices of other women like me. Thanks
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