Have lap to diagnose?

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Have lap to diagnose?

Postby AndiA108 » Wed Nov 25, 2015 6:35 am

Hi ladies, really hoping I can find some support here. For a couple years now docs have told me they think I have endo. but it can only be confirmed by lap. When my first doc. thought I had it I wasn't currently trying to conceive so she put me on bc. We've been ttc for a year now, and symptoms are back. I thought I had a uti went to doc, they saw a cyst. Originally told me it was a dermoid and it wouldn't go away without surgery. The pain kept up for over 2 weeks, I went back and the cyst was gone!? So the doctor told me all symptoms point to endo. but the only way to diagnose is with lap.

How do you make that decision? What if it's not endo and I go through surgery for nothing? I'm having such a hard time making that decision. She was a doctor on call and I meet with my doctor next week to talk things over. My questions for any ladies out there, were they able to do anythinnngggg else to give you a better idea of you having endo than surgery? I did just get more bloodwork done, hoping something in that gives her a sign too. I just want to know it's a GOOD chance this is what it is before I do surgery. I've been ttc for over a year, so doc said this could be why.
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Re: Have lap to diagnose?

Postby Danaa » Wed Nov 25, 2015 9:49 am

Hello,im sorry to hear about ur cyst and your problems conceiving!I had a lap over a year ago,it was a diagnostic lap,to see what is preventing me to get pregnant,I have 3 small incisions,one in my belly button and 2 on the sides where my ovaries are,they didn't found any endo but they did cleared some adhesions and unblocked my right tube,the surgery was really easy,the pain after the surgery was something like AF cramps but worse that was just in the first hours,my doc cleared me to go home after 12h,it took me around 3 days to feel good!If i had to do it again I would in a sec!The surgery wasn't a big deal for me but we are all different and our bodies are different!I can't say if you should have the surgery or not but if it were me and I had all necessary tests and nothing showed that could prevent me to get pregnant I would go for the surgery!Good luck!
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Re: Have lap to diagnose?

Postby Tina03 » Wed Nov 25, 2015 7:30 pm

Hello Andia,
I had a lap 2012. I had cysts on my ovaries which wouldn't disappear or wouldnt get much smaller over the next cycles. Pain got worse and worse to a point it disrupted daily life. My doctor told me, he can see on the ultrasound it didnt look like hormonal cysts which are filled with clear liquid and would apear dark on the ultrasound. My cysts seemed filled with a denser material and appeared milky or white on the ultrasound. He said it could even be dermoid cysts maybe. So I decided to have the lap to get rid of the pain and the cysts. I was diagnosed with endometriosis and the dense material in the cysts was blood which is thick like liquid chocolate, that's why they call them chocolate cysts.
Ask your doctor how the cysts appear on the ultrasound or let him show you the pics. Hormonal cysts usually will disappear after 1 or 2 cycles with your period. Chocolate cysts won't disappear really or even get bigger with each period. I have to say though that after surgery after a few months I seemed to have cysts again and also experienced some pain again but not as bad as before. I changed my diet and took natural med and got pregnant and before or while I was pregnant no cysts were discovered. So I don't know what made the cysts I had disappear if they were again chocolate cysts. Maybe they were just hormonal this time, but I don't have the clear info to that and wasn't going to regular visits either. All I know is I had cysts again at some point and they disappeared.
So important is to know what kind of cysts they seem to be on the ultrasound. Might have to question your doctor a bit more about that, filled with dense or liquid material? If he's convinced the cysts aren't hormonal and seem not to disappear after a few cycles, you should go for the lap. But your cysts did go away after a short time I guess, so in that case if all seems clear now and ok on the ultrasound I wouldn't go for it unless you just want to make sure. Cause during the lap they can also discover and solve other problems that wouldn't be seen on an ultrasound.
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Re: Have lap to diagnose?

Postby @whenmytruerainbow » Thu Apr 19, 2018 5:43 am

Sorry for TMI. Laparoscopic surgery or keyhole surgery is minimally invasive surgery that is associated with several advantages over traditional open surgery. In an open procedure, one large abdominal incision is made to expose the tissues and structures inside for examination and surgery. In a laparoscopic procedure on the other hand, only a small incision of up to 1.5 cm in length is made in the abdomen, usually around the belly button area. With laparoscopic surgery, the post-surgical wound is much smaller and the healing process much less painful. Another advantage is a reduced infection rate. This is because delicate tissues are not exposed to the air of the operating room over long periods of time. Video magnification also offers surgeons better exposure of the diseased organ and its surrounding vessels and nerves. As a result, delicate maneuvers can be performed to protect these structures during the surgery. I think it's worth trying.
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