Ttc with endo (first time around)

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Ttc with endo (first time around)

Postby Sarah_Ann » Sun Feb 18, 2018 9:47 pm

Ok, so this is our first month ttc. I was diagnosed with ENDO via laparoscopy in oct of 2014. I was told my case was relatively severe and that i should ttc then, but they told me i still had a couple of years if i wanted to wait. Given that we were nowhere near ready i stayed on 3 month supression with ethenol estriadol pills. I went off the bc about 6 mo ago and have been watching my cycles. I have a regular 28/29 day cycle and ovulate on the 13/14 day. Since this is ttc month 1 I'm truly having a hard time telling my symptoms apart. Was wondering what other women with ENDO had in their tww.

Currently i would be 11dpo and my sypmtoms (what little i had) have subsided. Im afraid i might be out this month, that maybe it had a hard time implanting?

From 3-7 dpo i had mild cramping (which is not normal for me, its normally heavy cramping no matter the time of mo), bloating, regular bm (sorry if tmi, but thats normally something that is irregular durring this time), no sore bbs. Frequent urination.

8dpo- I had spent days 6,7,8 in vegas but i noticed the morning we left i was exhausted but i associated that with our trip, my bbs started getting sore but only on the sides, still going with the bloating, mild cramping (almost felt like a burning feeling), and morning nausea (which i get irregularly with my endo) but nausea was consistant for 7,8,9 dpo. Frequesnt urination.

9dpo-sore bbs stil only on the outsides. Irritability, slight am nausea, tired, still mildly campy, no nausea and same symptoms for 10 dpo.

I did test at 10 dpo with FRER and nothing :( BFN. BUT THIS CYCLE FEELS DIFFERENT.

At 11 dpo my soreness has gone down, im relatively moody, slept all day LITERALLY. (But i work long nights and normally sleep through sunday due to the fact that its my first of 3 days off) my cramping has subsided to periodic "burning sensations" and im STARVING no matter how much i eat.

As stated above, i do work nights so tbh im having a hard time telling if my nausea was pg nausea or endo messing with my digestion (its in my intestines. Also my cramping from endo is normally irritation on the left side and intense, my light crampyness in the past 2 weeks has been dead center and low.

i know its only cycle 1 of ttc and it could take years, but how awesome would it be to hit it on the first try with 37 leisions in your abdomen. Id like to hear what some of the other women in the ENDO community had durring their 2ww that resulted in BFP. I will wait and test again on 13/14 dpo and will keep everyone updated until BFP OR AF. Baby dust to all!!!!
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Re: Ttc with endo (first time around)

Postby @whenmytruerainbow » Thu Apr 19, 2018 4:42 am

Oh, hun, I'm sorry this thread is not too active. I'm here if you want some of the steam off.
Endo does make difference to cycling, unfortunately. Mine severe added with PCOS was/is unbearable. I'm already through 2 lapos with no evident result. Seems it's coming back again & again.. Really frustrating. I'd like to know where are you with your treatment now? We're hopefully starting our de ivf round at the end of Apr. Hope you're well :hugs:
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