Please help ?fallback rise

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Please help ?fallback rise

Postby heaneb » Sun Jul 31, 2016 7:19 am

Hi I had a chemical pregnancy last cycle and this is the first time i have charted, i think i ovulated on cd11, with a fallback rise, ff has put it at cd14 (albeit not definately, but this changes to cd11 if i discard temp at cd14 - which was unreliable due to awful sleep, took temp v early and illness) I had all other signs at cd11 (ewcm, high soft open cervix) had dark lines on opk just before this but charted as negative as wasnt 100% sure positive as not as dark as control (using internet cheapies) I have had copious creamy cm pretty much since, although lessened and some clumpy from yesterday (sorry!) the other thing is i have had dark lines on opk again on cd 15 and 16, but not fertile cm and cervix now high and closed, can any one give me any advice please?
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