Advanced age cycle changes or possible preggo?

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Advanced age cycle changes or possible preggo?

Postby dragnflymomma » Wed Jul 24, 2013 6:18 pm

I got my annual pap the first week in June (I am 40 BTW) and was given the green light to start TTC #2 (#1 was 9 yrs ago). I think I O'ed 2 days after the exam and we DTD what seemed like almost every other day.
Since then my cycle has been all jacked up. Last month the entire TWW was filled with emotional ups and downs with lots of yelling, crying and lack of emotional control. Of course, I think the first cycle was due to stress, symptoms spotting and worrying in the tww.
This cycle I decided to relax and not "try" but be aware of when would be good times to DTD. Which, of course,means I stopped really tracking my CP and CM like I was last month in my planner. DUH!!!
I kept track every day last cycle of what my symptoms were and when I checked my CP and CM. It seems like my cervix has been high and soft for the past month even though I recall at some point around AF it would be very low and hard.I have yet to catch it in that position or that texture yet.
This cycle I am noticing that the CM is different than last cycle when it comes to the day or so BEFORE AF. I am due to get AF tomorrow and last month I had clear and watery CM with brown coloring mixed in for 3 days before AF. So far my CM has been somewhat creamy, silky, thin/watery and on and off heavy and then thin. There have been times over the past couple days that it felt like I was starting AF but it was just this creamy thin CM at the opening of my WhoHah (sorry TMI).
Also, last cycle my AF was, what I consider, shorter and not as bad as usual. BUt then again it could have just been stress of TTC.
Is this just wishful thinking that the change in CM is caused by pregnancy or could it just be a coincidence and my age catching up to me to change my cycle a bit and it just so happened to occur after we began to TTC?
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