ttc after iud questions...

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ttc after iud questions...

Postby moomoo30 » Fri Jul 18, 2014 7:46 pm

Alright. I had an iud for nine Years the Mirina. Never had any problems. Decided we wanted to try again. So here we are. This month we missed our chance and last month it didnt happen. My question is. For the past nine year I hardly had any periods, no real pms. Just nothing really lol. Since getting the iud out. I have been really bloated, and really feeling ovulation pains but for a week after ovulating. Sharp pain by ovary. Then it goes away, have my period and everyrhing is cool again. Rwg cycle of 28days
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Re: ttc after iud questions...

Postby moomoo30 » Fri Jul 18, 2014 7:54 pm

Sorry didnt get to finish, hit the wrong button lol. I just dont remember being so bloated the week after ovulation. I know its been a while but seems like I am miserable the week before my period. Also being fourty and all. How can u tell wirhout a dr if everything is still working correctly. Are there any indications that would throw up a red flag that i'm not ovulating and just having a period every month. Were trying to do this on our own first before having to consult a dr. And really ths is only going to be our second month trying. I was just wondering what others have gone through.. thank you..m
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Re: ttc after iud questions...

Postby RoloCat » Sat Sep 06, 2014 9:55 am

I had [2] Mirena over a 10yr period. I still had periods every month, but they were VERY light (maybe 1-2d of light spotting). I had the second one taken out last spring (2013). Did a few months of BCP as a transition. I think after that long on BC, your body just takes time to adjust. It took me about 6mo to get back to my pre-BC cycle (length-wise, at least). Prior to Mirena, I had horribly heavy periods (7-10d) with lots of clotting. After BC, I was still having very light periods (1-2d of jr tampons, 1-2d of light spotting). I don't know if it was so many years on BC or that fact that I was just older and my body was changing. I asked my Dr if that was a problem, and she said no. I also had 4-5 months of HORRID bloating in the 2w between ovulation and AF. I think it was just my body adjusting back to my own hormones.

We did go ~7mo post hormonal BC before we started TTC. I knew the timing was off the first month we ditched all BC (condoms at that point), so I don't really count that month in our official efforts. We were officially TTC for 3 mo before getting a bfp. I started charting the second month. I think that helped the most, b/c I learned I wasn't ovulating when I thought I was. If you aren't charting (tracking daily BBT, CM and other fertile signs), I'd recommend it, just so that you get to know your body again. And don't be worried/surprised if it takes a few months for your cycle to regulate after so long on hormonal BC. Remember, too, that Mirena changes the uterine lining via an "Irritation method" of BC. You've gone 10yrs without having much (if any) of an endometrial lining. It'll likely take a few months to build it back up again.

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Re: ttc after iud questions...

Postby cosorrells3540 » Mon Sep 22, 2014 4:50 am

Rolo and I are on the same page here. I also did about 6-7 moths of BCP before trying. 8 had mirena for over 8 years and my dr and I discussed the pros and cons of ttc right away. Not to mention I had a cyst at the time of removal and the 6-7 month "rest" gave my body time to heal and for us to treat the cyst. Then two months off bcp, some raspberry extract, preseed and prenatals bfp!
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Re: ttc after iud questions...

Postby Lacilou » Thu Mar 12, 2015 10:26 am

Hello all! I am new to this board. A little background on me. I am currently 34. I have a history of severe Endometreosis. When I was in my early to mid 20's, my husband and I started TTC. I had 2 surgeries for my endometreosis and had been on clomid for a couple years. My hormones were so screwed up. I had breast milk and everything. It was CRAZY! I never really had regular periods either, and they were super heavy and super painful. Used OPK's and was supposedly ovulating at times. Got pg twice on clomid, lost both very early. Doc said I'd probably never carry a pregnancy. So we quit "trying", quit fertility meds, and adopted a son when I was 26. Right after, I got pregnant. Yep! Totally happened to me! My pregnancy about killed me, and they didn't think I'd be able to keep the pregnancy. Had a pic line and it was HORRIBLE! Long story short, it all worked out and my kiddos are 9.5 months apart! Right after the birth of my daughter, I got the mirena IUD for 2 reasons. Birth control, and to treat my endometreosis and heavy periods. I had my first mirena for the full 5 years. Immediately got a 2nd one and had it in for almost 3 years. I had the 2nd one removed on February 17 of this year because of side effects and ready TTC. While on the first mirena, I had almost no periods, ever. And when I did, they were very light and sporadic. Second mirena, I started having periods regularly every month, but they were extremely light and wouldn't last long. Maybe 4 or 5 days. Really didn't even need to wear a tampon or anything. But they were monthly and regular. I was very worried about what would happen to my cycle after removal. I had a period on February 11 prior to removal. Was super light (normal for the mirena). I was still spotting VERY lightly upon removal and had what I thought was a couple days of removal spotting. Basically just felt like it extended my "period" by a couple days. Other than that, had no symptoms from removal besides feeling a HECK of a lot better. Other side effects seemed to clear nearly immediately. I'll never do synthetic hormones/foreign objects in my body again! I wondered what would happen with my period though. Well like clockwork, I started my period yesterday. Right on time! It was very light yesterday, and today is a little heavier. Bright red blood today, something that was never really experienced while on mirena. It always seemed to be old brown blood because it was so light with the mirena. I've also had some cramping. NOTHING like before when my endometriosis was making me miserable. Totally manageable.. so far. So it seems as if my period is getting back to normal fairly quickly. I am anxious to see how long it will take to normalize and conceive. Between pregnancy and 8 years of the mirena, my endometreosis was cleared up. So if I am thinking correctly, I should be pretty fertile, unless that pesky endometreosis starts to grow and build up again. Has anyone had similar experiences after mirena removal? You hear horror stories about how long it takes to regulate after mirena removal and consequently getting prego. I haven't really experienced that as of yet. I'm hoping to conceive asap!
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