Trying to remain positive

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Trying to remain positive

Postby prettypenny » Fri Mar 08, 2013 12:00 pm

Hello ladies,

This is my first post and I would love to share my story and receive any kind of support i can. Back in sep 2011 i decided to go on BC for a bit but i am horrible at remenber the pill everday so i opted for the Depo shot, well it was a nightmare i am still dealing with. My cicles now are so irregular that i go 2 or 3 months without it. I want to try for my first baby but dont want to go crazy but having irregular cicles make things so complicated. I decided to try natural ways to detox my body, lose 10 pounds and chose a healthier diet. I am not against trying anything from the Dr. which I had already, tried Provera and it only worked for 3 months :( . Anyways I have another GYN app soon coming so I am excited to see if there is something new I can try. I am open to suggestions from anyone in similar situations.

Thanks for reading
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