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Postby noahsuperman » Sat Aug 13, 2011 12:07 pm

here's something interesting that i discovered this month.

i have had spotting every month before my period. i know that "some" spotting is normal, but the spotting that i have is NOT normal. the spotting is brown/black and can last up to 6 days before actual flow. i've taken alot of meds throughout the years to assist with this spotting. the only thing that i have found was HCG injections in my luetal phase. i have stopped all forms of treatment since may.
this month i found some old optivite (which my 1st md recommended for the spotting and it never helped.)...i figured, what the heck? i'll take it. might as well use it up since i paid for it. guess what? this month...no spotting. i've had a normal period...so far. the cramps really haven't been that bad either...and i'm not even up to the full dose.

just thought i'd share for anyone who is having the same issues.
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