Considering Agonist / Antagonist Conversion Protocol

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Considering Agonist / Antagonist Conversion Protocol

Postby maggie08 » Tue Oct 27, 2015 11:21 am

I've been through 4 IVF cycles and the REs keep putting me on the same protocol which is the antagonist. For my 4th cycle I went to a new clinic and they said my LH was elevated which points to poor egg quality. They didn't do anything to address it, just put me on the same protocol I've always been on.

After that cycle failed, I've been researching elevated LH and I've consulted with Sher because he has a strong opinion on how to minimize the effect of elevated LH on eggs. He would never have put me on an antagonist which I've been on 4 times!!!

I'm struggling with the decision if I should go for another couple cycles with Sher on the Agonist / Antagonist Protocol or wrap my mind around egg donor.

Has anyone had success with the Agonist/Antagonist Conversion Protocol after failing on antagonist?
Me - 40 (bad eggs. AMH 3.07 ng/mL. FSH 7.9 mIU/ml. Elevated LH)
DH - 39 (mfi after vasectomy reversal)

IVF #1 - Dec 2013 - Antagonist Protocol
17 eggs. Eggs destroyed in lab accident so starting over.
IVF #2 - Feb 2014 Antagonist Protocol again.
29 eggs (17 mature) Transferred 3 on Day 3.
HCG: 11dp3dt - 41, 14dp3dt - 147, 18dp3dt - 706, 26dp3dt - 116 = M/C
IVF#3 - Aug 2014 Long Lupron -cyst on suppression check again -cancelled
IVF#3.5 - Oct 2014 Luteal Estrace/ Antagonist Protocol with PICSI
21 eggs. Transferred 2 on day 5. None to freeze
HCG: 9dp5dt - 70, 12dp5dt - 302. M/C 6w4d
IVF #4 - April 2015 - Changed to CCRM and put on same protocol again (EPP).
23 eggs. 3 Blasts sent for CCS testing. No normal embryos - cycle cancelled

Trying to figure out next steps.
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