Late ovulation with natural FET

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Late ovulation with natural FET

Postby luandlil » Sat Oct 31, 2015 2:54 am

What is the latest people have ovulated with a natural FET and still gotten their BFP? Today is cycle day 18 for me and still no surge.

Am testing at home over the weekend and I did get a light line this morning on the OPK strip thing the clinic gave me to use.
Hoping to get a nice dark line tomorrow, but that means my surge is on cycle day 19, meaning I will ovulate, maybe day 21.

I do have a cycle average of 31-34 days so my luteal phase is long enough, I think I am just freaking myself out because I have been in for so many blood tests and I am feeling like my body isn't doing what it's supposed to.

We're putting in a five day blast, so this means my transfer day will be something like cycle day 26. Seems so late!

Some success stories from ladies who have ovulated late and still gotten their BFP would be really appreciated. Will help to keep my spirits up - I feel so defeated right now.
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