6 days before AF, Symptoms I never had before!

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6 days before AF, Symptoms I never had before!

Postby espi13 » Mon May 07, 2018 6:13 am

Hello all! I've been a ghost on these boards for years, but I need to reach out now. I have two girls (4) and (2). We are trying for our 3rd. My AF is due this weekend. BFN's all around.

This past month has been CRAZY! I have kept some charts in past TTC cycles (temps and tracking BD). I've never been super into it, and have tested BFP in those pregnancies on CD 24 within 2 months of TTC.

Well, CD24 is here! I'm not sure when I O'd, as we weren't purposefully trying this month. However, the week I usually O, I had MASSIVE back pain and cramps to the point that I couldn't bend over! One night I had such pinching that it shocked me a few times. That lasted a few days.

The pains became milder, then they went back at it again this past weekend. I had to attend an event, and I couldn't even move for some parts of it. Pinching happened again that night, on top of nausea, cramps, peeing...what the hell is going on? Don't even get me started on the globs of white CM on my panties. I have to wear a pantyliner. I usually don't even have PMS symptoms, and mild cramps come on the day I get my AF, not a whole week or 2 before, and certainly not like this!

Today, 6 days before AF, the cramps have subsided a bit. My temps are still above 97.5 (similar to my past charts, whether BFP or BFN). I've only tested on Clinical Guard ICs (25 mIU), and all BFNs. I have a few FRERs on standby.

What do you ladies think? Still a chance for a BFP? I won't test until Thursday or Friday on a FRER.
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Re: 6 days before AF, Symptoms I never had before!

Postby shanay » Mon May 14, 2018 7:25 am

It’s still super early so you def still have a chance!!
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