Fertility doc & metform.....

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Fertility doc & metform.....

Postby Cathyd176bx » Wed Jan 13, 2016 2:01 pm

Hi,so heres a lil back ground of my situation.My issue has always been carrying a pregnancy past 26weeks once i was diagnosed and was put on preventative measures throughout the pregnancy i was able to have my Daughter at 26weeks (2012), but then i lost two 20 weekers which led me to a specialist who performed my TAC(Transabdominal Cerclage) in 10/2014 after my loss.Me and hubby toke a break from ttc and started again to ttc 2015 but by september my gyn gave me clomid for only two months with monitoring and said i need to see a REI doc because she didn't know why i had mature follicles but then nothing happened.

I started to see my REI doc in Oct.She did all my work up and toke my history and said i have second infertility .I asked if i had PCOS she said no but that my A1C was 8.2 @ 240 lbs.She gave me a RX for 750mg metformin and to try to lose the 40lbs:
** 1 pill at night for a week
2 pills at night for the 2nd week
3 pills at night for the 3rd week
I ve been taking 1 at night so far "the bouts " are easing up..
She said to do this and come back in 3 months for bloods and then depending if my A1c got down to a 6 range she ll start other test.Im wondering has anyone ever been told by a REI to do this to lower their A1C? If so did it work? should i consult with my doc if this is okay?
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