Very late Ovulation...2nd IUI

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Very late Ovulation...2nd IUI

Postby Tabby0418 » Tue Nov 10, 2015 3:02 pm

So, this is my second IUI (hopefully). I normally just read this board, but felt the need to tell my story. Hopefully it'll help with any TTC stress!

Back in May I started to go to a fertility specialist after trying for 18 months to conceive, painful ovulation, and painful periods. In June I had my laproscopy which showed that I had pelvic scarring on the right ovary and endometriosis on the left side. Doctor feels confident that he cleaned everything out well enough for conception. We tried 2 months on our own (July and August) and started with IUIs in September.

The first month I was on a light fertility drug because ovulation never was an issue for me, we confirmed that I actually do ovulate and pretty regularly (cycles are 26 to 30 days with 28 day average). IUI happened with great sperm from the husband, but I had a tight cervix which didn't help the procedure go smoothly. TWW ended and I got my period exactly 14 days after my IUI (just about down to the hour!!).

Second month was supposed to be October, but I was on vacation the weekend of ovulation and the tests never showed positive. Ovulated on Sunday (o-pain throughout day) and the next day at ultrasound showed that I probably ovulated the day before. Husband and I did BD on Sunday so doctor was hopeful for us.

This month is now going to be the second IUI. I went in on Thursday, November 5th which was day 11 of my cycle. I had 13.5mm follicles. Doctor felt like I should ovulate on Sunday or Monday (falls in line with how consistent I am). He did a cervical dilation in office which was tremendous amount of pain, but he was worried that wouldn't last until Monday. Still have not gotten a positive ovulation test, so went in today (cycle day 16 now) and have a 16.5mm follicle. Doctor thinks that timing will be Thursday or Friday.

I am concerned and completely surprised that my ovulation this month is SO late. Wouldn't have been concerned with day 16 ovulation, but day 18/19/20 ovulation? That is completely unlike me.

All I hope is that this month it works. This is a major stress, and complete let down every time the TWW ends with AF :(
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