First IUI daily charting

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First IUI daily charting

Postby Nknoke83 » Tue Jun 12, 2018 2:02 pm

Hi Ladies. Would like some advice. This is our first IUI using Donor. Please see my symptoms below.

First IUI – 4 June 2018

Period started 20th May 2018 started taking Fertab 50mg from 3 -7th day of period. One nice big folicile on left side measure 17mm and was still growing. Had Trigger shot 2nd of May 11pm.

IUI was done 4th June 2018 10:15am Monday morning.

1DPIUI – BBT 35.9; CM – watery, cramping left pelvic pain used warm bean bag. CP – open, medium firm, high

2DPIUI – BBT 35.2; CM – school glue, cramping, warm bean bag. CP – soft, medium open, high

3DPIUI – BBT 35.9; CM – school glue, cramping, bloated, exhausted, acne, tight muscles, appetite increase. CP – med open, med firmness, high

4DPIUI – BBT36.4; CM – school glue, nausea, headache, body ache, bloated. CP – med firm, high, med open

5DPIUI – BBT36.6; CM – school glue, left pelvic pain, headache. CP – High, med firm, closed

6DPIUI – BBT36.3; CM – school glue, backache, acne, headache, sex drive +. CP – Closed, soft, high

7DPIUI – BBT35.9; CM – school glue, cramps, left pelvic pain, stomach ache, diarrhea, joint pain, tight muscles, frequent urination, acne. CP – soft, high, closed.

8DPIUI – BBT36.1; CM – egg white, constipation, bloating, appetite -, frequent urination. CP – Closed, soft, high. Light pink discharge, could see on toilet paper. Took Pregnancy test in Evening = BFN.
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Re: First IUI daily charting

Postby AmySmith » Sat Feb 09, 2019 3:06 am

This looks good! I'd love to know how it turned out. Did you see a doctor for all this? Do update on the post! My prayers are with you. If this was me, I'd be quite excited! Waiting for your reply!
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